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  1. Is there really any discernible difference (in quality) between a standard 35 and a BL? Seems kinda like the same camera basically, just with or without sound sync.
  2. I actually just bought the Arriflex 35 book so I'll learn a lot more soon. I'm still a little confused on the III and 3C though. It seems like they're different cameras but that wiki page lists the model as 3C and the line Arriflex III as if it's the same thing.
  3. So there's a difference between the III and IIIC? Is the main difference between a III and a BL model just the blimp for sound stuff?
  4. I've always wanted a real film camera or two. Information about older cameras is hard to find but after digging a bit, it looks like a couple good ones in my budget are the Arriflex 35 BL3 and the Arriflex 35 III. Wikipedia doesn't mention anything except by saying that the II series was superseded by the 35-3C. I'm guessing that the 35-3C is the same thing as the 35 III (correct me if I'm wrong), and I don't know what the 'BL3' means on the other. Isn't one of those handheld? Also, why the name 'Arriflex'? What sets them apart from other Arri cameras with just the Arri name?
  5. I'm a musician with a studio filled with technology from yesteryear (70s-90s). I can easily find books and online information on 2" analog tape, mixing consoles and various audio gear, but I'm having an awfully difficult time finding the equivalent for film making of yesteryear. For example, I can't find much info on those late 70s/early 80s Arriflex cameras, and I have no idea what kind of color correction hardware was available and was used back then. If anyone can point me to any books or online resources I'd appreciate it. In particular, I'm talking stuff that covers 35mm film cameras, film processing, editing, color correction and so on. I don't need technique necessarily, I just have no idea what gear was/is available, how they work, or just anything. I'm only used to DSLRs, Arri/Chimera lighting rig stuff, Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve. Nothing but new digital :( Not that digital is bad (I love my 80s and 90s digital stuff), but you know...
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