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  1. Greetings community. I'm on a trip in Israel, shooting with my ARRI S and DOM ANIMATION MOTOR / CONSOLE / CONTROLLER and there is a slight issue which I believe is being caused by the frequency difference of 50Hz here in Tel Aviv verses 60Hz where I tested and ran the motor. When I set up the camera and animation stand the shutter would rest closed, and as each frame advanced it appeared to be giving me a full rotation and taking a single image, after about 20 or so frames, I noticed that the shutter was actually 'drifting' slightly out of alignment, eventually resting in the fully OPEN position. Is this a matter of Frequency Conversion ? Could it be another issue? Solutions? Thank you for your time and suggestions.
  2. Greetings from MONO NO AWARE in Brooklyn New York. For anyone interested, our technical engineer created a design for an at home linear processing machine that can be built for less than $400 from common hardware components and 3-D printable parts. The machine is capable of processing 16mm and Super 8mm motion picture film formats. The specifications were announced publicly an international laboratory meeting held last week in Mexico City at Estudios Churubusco. (attaching some images to this post from the lecture / presentation) Should anyone have interest, please send a private message and we'll arrange to send you a printed companion booklet so that you may build one for yourself.
  3. MONO NO AWARE, cinema-arts NPO and film-positive community in Brooklyn is offering affordable accessible workshops this Spring in traditional film making. Workshops are all inclusive, equipment, film stock, processing, scanning, and premiere screening party. APRIL OFFERINGS + SHOOTING AND PROCESSING HI-CON FILM **NEW** + OPTICAL SOUND TRACKS : 16MM FILM MAKING WITH SOUND **NEW** + INTRODUCTION TO 16MM COLOR FILM MAKING WITH BOLEX REX-5 + STOP MOTION PUPPET ANIMATION ON 16MM COLOR FILM + DIRECT 'CAMERA-LESS' FILM MAKING TECHNIQUES + SUPER 8MM B/W REVERSAL FILM MAKING AND HAND PROCESSING We are a resource for rentals (XTR Prod, ACL, Rex-5+) film stock (Official Kodak distributor + short ends in 16mm and 35mm), equipment (Optical Printer, Steenbeck, etc), facilities (Contact printer, editing station) and processing right here in Brooklyn. To learn more visit: http://mononoawarefilm.com/workshops/
  4. Greetings. I wanted to share some information about upcoming workshops here in Brooklyn all on celluloid. I know that a lot of the schools I visit, there are not a lot of opportunities to shoot 16mm let alone 35mm. Here is a chance to learn the ARRI 435, shoot on 35mm, get the film processed with a work-print and HD scan for less than actual cost through the non-profit MONO NO AWARE. http://mononoawarefilm.com/35mm-oct In this class participants will gain hands on experience shooting 35mm film. Curriculum includes film stock choices, exposure, lenses, how to load, focus, run, maintain and operate the Arri 435 camera kit. Participants will spend one evening familiarizing themselves with the camera package, and the weekend will be spent shooting as a collective crew for each other. The goal is to shoot a short film on 35mm which you conceived, directed, and shot independently. We will also discuss how to promote your short piece through a list of friendly film festivals. All materials will be provided for. Finished projects will be presented after the conclusion of the course at our screening party. FRIDAY: 10/6 from 7:00 – 9:15 PM SATURDAY & SUNDAY: 10/7 and 10/8 (DAY SHOOTS) from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Free Screening Party on Sunday November 19 at 7PM LOCATION: Center for Performance Research (CPR) 361 Manhattan Ave, Unit 1, Brooklyn, NY INCLUDES: 1 classroom instruction session, 2 day shoot, 1 400 ' roll of 35mm, film processing at ColorLab, access to camera equipment, informational course packet, HD transfer of film by Metro Post, HD online hosting of finished film, local & international film festival entry waivers. WORKSHOP: $900 COURSE CAP: 6 participants (only 3 spaces remain 9/1) MONO offers a lot of various courses, 16mm workflows, Optical printing, Hand-made emulsion, and more, all affordable and accessible. A test from our last time offering the class : Feel free to write with any questions here or to mononoawarefilm@gmail.com MOTION PICTURE FILM & CHEMISTRY & RENTALS MONO NO AWARE is also an official distributor of ALL Kodak motion picture stocks. No faxes or phone calls, just email us what you are looking for and pick up at our home office (yass we ship! anywhere in the continental US). Last minute? The night before? 3 AM? We're here (and awake) - happy to support. Full line of Super 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm B/W and Color camera stocks Need to process that film? We can help there as well. Pick up Photographer's Formulary D-19, Cyanotype, kits, Kodak fix, or MONO's very own non-toxic developer kit complete with instructions (just add coffee / beer!) We also have in house : cameras, editing facilities, animation/titling stand, processing tanks, and more. Pick-up conveniently located in the center of Brooklyn near all trains. 2,3,4,5,B,Q,D,N,R & G. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Relatively new to posting on this forum but a long time reader. I work for a non-profit cinema arts organization that offers filmmaking workshops in a number of topics throughout the year. All workshops are inclusive to related equipment access, film material, processing and HD transfer. Plus a screening premiere party that is free to attend. Workshops begin at $65 and are led by local, practicing filmmakers, visiting artists and professionals. http://mononoawarefilm.com/workshops/ Please share these with interested friends and colleagues. This falls offerings below: SEPTEMBER• Super-8mm Filmmaking • Intro to 16mm Filmmaking • Hand-Processing Black & White Reversal Film • Non-Toxic Hand-Processing with Beer & Coffee OCTOBER• Intro to 16mm Filmmaking • Cyanotype 16mm Filmmaking • Lighting Interiors for B/W Film • Direct Filmmaking Techniques • JK Optical Printing with Bill Brand Thank you for your time and interest. Happy to answer any questions you may have. SVC
  6. Hello. I help to run a film distribution initiative through the cinema-arts non-profit MONO NO AWARE: http://mononoawarefilm.com/film-stock/ Although not on the website, we have sixteen 400' cans of the 500T and plenty more of the 250D (see the site) its all been tested and can go out as early as tomorrow morning. Best, SVC
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