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  1. Looking for a line on any techs that can clean/repair Aaton mags in Canada. Any advice appreciated! I'm located in Toronto but can ship, cheers! Steve
  2. Maybe if you gave a better discount people would buy? at this price point they may as well just buy it new
  3. Does anyone know any more about this? Are there any vendors who adapt Rollei lenses to PL?
  4. Which of the vintage arri std Schneider lenses (xenon, cine-xenon, cinegon, etc) cover the s16 frame? ive read there used to be detailed PDFs on vintage Schneider glass but the hosting site removed them, is that info available anywhere else?
  5. Try visual products? I know they get this kind of gear in occasionally
  6. If anyone’s looking to offload one, would prefer to buy here then eBay. Shoot me a dm! cheers Steve
  7. Cheers Raymond! By the way - anyone interested in purchasing this camera should follow up on eBay https://www.ebay.ca/itm/284547483792?hash=item42405a0890:g:JjYAAOSwvmNhnxEy
  8. Hey Thomas I’d love to hear more about the Aaton package, very interested
  9. Reviving this thread to ask if anyone knows where to find one of these adapters these days, cheers! steve
  10. Hey Olle, no I think the opposite, saturated market means low prices yes $9000 CAD same price as the ad, I live in Canada. Ok well if you hear of any private sellers trying to get rid of a 16mm package at a decent price just give me a shout pal, cheers! Steve
  11. Hey thanks for this Olle, Would love to know where I can get a 16mm package for 4500 in this market, can you connect me? Cheers! Steve
  12. Newly CLA'd Arri SrII with mag - CLA'd this month in Japan, mechanics and optics in pristine condition. Sad to see it go, its a very beautiful camera. During CLA the main belt was replaced and adjusted, everything disassembled and cleaned and film movement mechanism was corrected. Clean optics. Asking $9000 Test video can be found here, more pictures available on request! Cheers, Steve
  13. Looking for another SRII mag thx Steve
  14. Looking for a professional quality S16 camera package, please let me know if you're WTS or have a contact, thanks! Steve
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