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  1. For the Fiona Apple look, I have a suggestion that was given to me from my Key Grip. We had an add where there was a similar vignette (spotlight look) however when shooting women, I find it much more becoming to utilize soft light rather than harsh. I took a much larger fixture (budget allowing my fixture was a T-12), softened it with a layer of diff (216 I believe), then my Key Grip took a large piece of coroplast and made me a "pinhole". Now the "pin hole" was around 3-4 feet in circumference however I could place distance between the light and the "pinhole" to find the perfect spill of light to get the effect while still maintaining a soft source. I don't have a reference on me, however If I find it I will be sure to post it. P.S. - I am aware that her video, the light moves with the camera and the talent. My shot was stationary.
  2. I used the movi recently on a football picture I shot called Woodlawn and while we were never trying to mask cuts, I did want to adapt some sharp whips on low footage of feet/tackles and I 100% of the time ended up utilizing my steadicam operator (low mode) to get the job done. These hand held stabilizers while great for somethings really do not function well for pure manipulation. They work great for getting low to the ground for short spurts of time with wide lenses moving steadily with/in/out on a subject. Your best option is to use the remote and manipulate the setting to have as much control at the joystick as possible for any whip pans.
  3. Agreed with Mark, geared head is the best solution if you are not using a powered head or MOCO unit. Depending on your budget, these can be expensive rentals. With fluid heads, adding tension will help as well as setting up with an additional pan-handle such as a TV studio build up. This will add an additional level of support.
  4. Great addition for close up work. The moment that diffusion goes in, you spill everywhere. Much grip work needed for containment. So it becomes harder contain for wides. Great tutorial!
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