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  1. Great ideas. The viewfinder is a bit foggy I think, I did not know it could be cleaned up.
  2. I do not use zoom lenses unfortunately! I use MKI Superspeed primes. I ran my first couple of mags through camera and was able to pull focus hand held, walking etc with only a few a couple of fails. I favor wide angles so I was mostly on the 9mm which was pretty forgiving. Slowly getting the hang of the viewfinder.
  3. The 5.9 will cover some digital s16 cameras. It does cover the digital bolex in s16 mode at least, I can attest from experience.
  4. Yes, no need to re-invent the wheel. Modifying these mags was common practice at places like cinematechnic. I believe Arri had some input too. Whether anyone is still doing it is another question, but i'd say just picking one up already modded would be more cost effective. I've seen them go for as little as $150 recently....
  5. Ha, maybe. I'm not sure even s16 SR mags have much market value at the moment. I picked up a SRII s16 with ccd tap, 2 mags, 3 batteries for $1500. Hopefully the prices will encourage more people to use film. You can barely get a couple days rental on an alexa for that price. Indeed, I do not. I'll either have to get one modded or rent an extra mag. Cheers
  6. Cool thanks for the info Dom and hi from a fellow Aussie. I lived in Melbourne for 8 years before moving to L.A. Great city, I miss it!
  7. No. I have two s16 mag's, I want to get a third so I can have a backup mag/low light (500t) mag on set. There are a lot of unmodified mags going cheap on ebay. Plenty of people say they shoot s16 on regular mags without issue, but there also must be reasonable motivation for modding the mags in the first place.
  8. Ha thanks Greg, I guess I could have been worded that better. What I meant was, does anyone have an informed opinion on the risk -- if any -- of shooting s16 on unmodified srII mags? Cheers
  9. Anyone run in to trouble doing this? I've heard of people doing it without issues or scratches but not the inverse... as yet.
  10. Not a student unfortunately, that is an excellent discount though!
  11. Thanks David. Yes I think it was a scanning issue, apparently a custom profile at the scanning end would likely nix the problem. I'm just glad it's not an issue with the camera.
  12. Thank you for the replies guys, sounds like it was a problem with the scan.
  13. I don't think it's the stock. I used a 400ft roll of 250d and 100ft roll of 500t purchased from different sources. I can definitely upload a clip when I'm back at my machine though.
  14. Hi, I got some scans back of my test footage and there's some verticle banding in high exposure areas like sky at times. It was shot on an SRII with vision 250D and 500T, same issue on two separate mags. Processed normally then scanned to prores 4444. I've attached a pic of the issue at it's worst for illustration purpose. Can anyone can shed some light on what this artifact might be? Thank you
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