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  1. Owner/operator of a 2 ton lighting and grip package loaded with brand name industry grade tungsten, LED, daylight balanced and fluorescent lighting fixtures together with a full compliment of grip rigging gear, frames, flags, nets, stands and carts to support your next production. Providing SoCal with professional lighting and grip services for over 14 years. All my gear is meticulously maintained, serviced regularly and checked before every shoot. ARRI 1200w and 575w HMI Pars, complete tungsten package from 200w up to 2K open face and fresnel, Chimeras from 16x12" up to 4x3' including the Chimera 5/7' Octaplus...and so much more. ARRI, Mole Richardson, Litepanels, Matthews, American Grip, Norms, Power Gems. Industry grade gear coupled with the latest lighting and grip tools and techniques to enhance the quality of your next production. Only 1.5hrs from downtown LA. Close proximity to desert cities. For more info please visit: Calabrialightingandgrip.com (760) 692-7915 https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholascalabria
  2. This set up is not cheap but you won't find a better key for lighting interviews. I made a Barger like 3 lite out of 3-1k nook lights mounted inside a chimera quartz speed ring. I put a switch on each one so I can turn them on/off as needed. There's a bulb house in LA that makes a 650w fcm style bulb with an infrared coating that boast the output of a 1K bulb. The coating transfers more heat to the filament and in turn produces light which is really close to 1K output. You can plug all 3 of these nook lights on the same outlet no problem. My DP's love it. I also made a custom chimera front out of muslin. With a baffle and muslin front used together you have a highly adjustable soft light from 1K technically up to 3K of gorgeous customizable soft light that you can plug into one outlet. You can change diffusion fronts as need for the quality of light you are looking for based on your subjects face but I'm a fan of single source interviews and the baffle with muslin front is incredible. It would be a crime to use fill light with this set up. I have the 2x3' and the 4x3' chimera. I like to use the 4x3 for a larger source but it's good to have the smaller option in case the space is tight. I recently purchased the 5ft octaplus with 7ft expansion kit for this set up. As we say back home...fuggedaboutit. So gorgeous. I have also used the octaplus without the front and just the baffle. Creates this semi sourcey soft light with round eyelight that is second to none for certain applications and moods. Beauty stuff mostly. This has been my go to light for interviews since I made it. I made a version two that is sleeker. Expensive set up though. After the chimera speed ring, the chimera quartz bag and the bulbs which at 24 bucks each, with spares, is expensive. Much cheaper than a Barger though and brighter!! But you will have it forever and the quality of light is priceless. Takes up no space. I put it on a C stand with no head to reduce the profile even further. C stand takes up less floor space than one of my beefy baby stands. I also have the litepanel Astras which are so incredibly bright I was shocked. I shot one thru a frame of 216 from 4ft away for a daylight interview set up and was blown away at the quality and intensity of light I got from it. I had to dim it down 25% it was so bright. A great ultra portable option. Calabrialightingandgrip.com
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