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  1. New layout day, a day that will live in infamy..

  2. Who wants Christina Aguilera trading cards?

  3. Can you divorce your son

  4. My son thought the Sony F23 had a narrow fixed aperture and his neck is now broken

  5. Some love feeding the C500's sensor with light. I feed it with cold grocery store chicken nuggets.

  6. If you're selling an Alexa please hit me up (the side of the head with it)

  7. Kodak Black will resurrect film

  8. waterboarding my entire family for a shoot

  9. Sent in my FS5 for the upgrade and Sony sent back my legs broken in a box.

  10. There is nothing better than getting a text message from your friend reading "Driving right now, what's up?"

  11. If I broke my wife's legs (accidently) would anyone do a docu with me about it?

  12. Just bought the new Canon 5D Mark Fuhrman, you guys gotta get this thing.

  13. Astounding! Kevin Smith to shoot Clerks 3 on empty 2 liter

  14. I am the Ty Cobb of starting threads that turn into fights.

  15. I spend so much time looking at things on the PC capped at 30fps that when I piss I realize real life has no frame rate. PM if you echo these sentiments.

  16. My anxiety is why I weigh 400 pounds by shooting up ketchup

  17. I go out in public wearing hulk hands wondering why my wife left me

  18. Good news: just got signed on to direct the Sucide Squad sequel entitled "Kill Yourself Club"

  19. Shooting a new project that involves the discontinued grape Caprisun and am holding my parents hostage until that demand is met

  20. Who here takes their son's oxycodone? I'm doing a test and need help

  21. Caligary is my favorite movie no other cinema has surpassed 20's cinema I own power rangers action figures in my 40's

  22. just met the handicap cop from sprint framily guy and I have to say that I weigh 700 pounds Im sorry, friends

  23. Donald Trump is so bad hahaha I love being left oh by the way did I mentioned I'm afraid of black people?? But screw Trump he's so racist haha

  24. When I'm 48 I'll have 5 different wives with their only similarity being Alzheimer's Disease

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