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  1. Hi Murtazo, Do you sell only a 35mm and 100mm ? I already have a 50mm and 75mm, but I'm looking for a 35mm roundfront and a 75mm roundfront also. Thanks, Blaise
  2. Hi Sergey, I'm interested by your lense set. Is it possible to have it for 4'500$ + shipping ?? I'm a bit limited in my budget... Many thanks
  3. Hi Martin, I'm very interested by your lens because I already have a LOMO anamorphic kit roundfront but my 35mm is squarefront... Is this lens still available ?! Many thanks, Blaise
  4. Hi James, I'm very interested by your stock. Do you ask £250+VAT/shipping for the eight rolls ? It's 100' or 400' feet rolls ? Many thanks, Blaise
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