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  1. Problem with sets like the one you show is that it is basically impossible to re-build a broken set. Not like they're sold as singles anymore.
  2. No such thing as an onboard for the 435, but you can use battery belts. I get batteries custom made in peli cases. PM me for info
  3. Aaron I have an 85, 85N3, 85N6 and 85N9 in PV size
  4. I have replied to your email Victor
  5. I currently only have the A7S II, quite enjoying it. Previously owned: Sony F900 Sony F35 Sony F65 Sony HDR-FX1 :D ARRI D-21, 435, 535, SR3 Moviecam Compact & SL
  6. I am clearing out some filters. I have a selection, here's a few highlights Tiffen White Water Ultra Polarizer 4x4 Schneider Coral 1/8 4x5.65 Schneider Amber 1 Soft Edge Vert Grad 4x5.65 Schneider Magenta 1 Hard Edge Vert Grad 4x5.65 £100 + VAT/Shipping for the above. All in extremely good condition. I also have some more used filters including 85s, 85NDs, Tobacco, Frost, all sorts...
  7. SR3 Grip sold. Rest of kit still available at lower price of £350 + VAT/Shipping
  8. Thanks for the heads-up Gregg, cleared some space for you and PM'd ya
  9. I have 100% video tops with low mode brackt for steadicam, I have black/white mini monitors and I can have battery blocks made to order. PM me with what you need exactly
  10. Selling my "ultimate handle" Ronford baker moose bar set, with handles, plus two Vocas extensions, plus an ARRI SR3 hand grip. Used to use it with my F65, no longer required. £500 + VAT/Shipping. No VAT outside the EU. Based in the UK. Can ship worldwide. Comes with a metal flight case too
  11. I have a large stash of Moviecam accessories left over from a bulk purchase. I have a lot of SL and compact steadicam magazines, not many good ones, but great source of spares. Ground glasses and glow masks for most formats Long anamorphic eyepiece Spare Moviecam Compact top Lots of covers/blanking plates Remote On/Offs Let me know what you need
  12. For sale, my F65 kit. Superb kit, used by me on several features, many shorts. Never missed a beat. Latest software/hardware installed. Sony F65 Camera w/Rotary Shutter Sony SR-R4 Recorder The camera and recorder have paired serial numbers! Beware kits with non-matching serials Sony Top Handle Element Technica Side Cheese Plate Sony OLED Viewfinder Bright Tangerine Viv Matte Box w/ top and side flags Rods 12" and 18" (Aluminium) Lightweight Dovetail Plate ARRI BP-8 Bridge Plate 3.25tb of Memory (1 1tb blue, 5 256gb black, 2 512gb black) Sony SR-PC4 Memory Card Reader Custom Made Flight Case Hawk-Woods Reel Power Adapter + Batteries (x4) + Charger Accepting offers in the region of £20,000. Price does not include VAT or shipping. I can ship worldwide. Also available for sale is my Sachtler Studio 9+9 Head. Comes with carbon fibre legs, bag, snap plate and pan handle. The head is in excellent condition, having been serviced a few years ago at a cost of £600 by Vitec (the UK service centre). The legs have seen better days, but still work fine. Mid-level spreader included. Price: £5,000 + VAT/Shipping for the above
  13. Compact Kit Includes: Body, Viewfinders (Long and short), Ground glasses (choice of), magazines (mix of sizes, minimum of five magazines), remote control, top and rear adapters, shoulder pad, handles, movilite, grip.... £3,000 ONO + VAT/Shipping
  14. Thanks for letting me know Wilfried, I have PM'd you
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