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  1. It's certainly one of the best Super 8 lenses out there. Yes, this is what I was thinking as well, I was wondering how well it would work with wides on a super 8 but if it's not going to have a massive effect (compared to the 8-64) then I may have to let this go as the deal isn't really that good of a deal.
  2. Currently, my 5008 MS is in Sweden with Björn being serviced, re-celled, and having a Angenieux 8-64mm collimated - it's a lens I'm very happy with as I've always found it to be sharper than the Schneider 6-66mm. That said, I've recently been offered a chance to buy a 10mm 1.8 retrofocus Angenieux which I've seen be compared to the Cinegon 10mm! But is it worth buying this and then paying for it to be collimated if I've already got a 8-64mm?
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