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  1. Hello guys! I'm a filmmaker based in London, England and I wanted to share with you all my latest work. I'm very grateful for this site as I've learned a lot from here and met a lot of good people (and some bad ones too). It inspired me to do what I do and to be where I am. So, I finished my second feature film called The Job, it was a complete hell to shoot as it was shot with one camera, one lens, and one light and entirely in two days. We shot 60 pages a day. I could say it was done because it was artistic call but I would be lying, as it was obviously because of the budget.
  2. No problem. Hope that works.
  3. Well then I'd better be in the rows of those few hundreds then
  4. If I had the opportunity to work there I won't be here :)
  5. Check out A+M. They should have it.
  6. Hello friends! Oh my, don't know where to start. I've been shooting for a while now and traveling. I ended up in London, England and I decided to settle down here. I have more than five years of experience and been working in the US, Italy, Ukraine and here in the UK on some gigs. I really want to pursue my career and eventually become a DP at some point. I'm hard working and a good chap in general if you ask people :) For now I'm trying to get some work as a camera assistant but I don't know anybody here. I would really love the opportunity to meet new people. Please share some advice if you
  7. Hello guys, I have this Switronix Powerbase battery I've been using for the past few years or so but suddenly it died on me. I can't turn it on or charge at all even when left for a day on a charge. There's no light that comes on or anything like that. For all the time I've been charging it official Switronix D-Tap charger, not V mount charger. It's been working fine until now. Please advice. I can't see any reset button on the battery.
  8. What would you put in the clip section?
  9. I know, went to buy one from Arri the other day. It has like 30 pages and costs 20GBP!!
  10. It's good to know what's that is and how it's done. So you only put bad takes there?
  11. Hello guys, tell me about those camera report forms. What do you put in that form, when, and why? Thanks!
  12. Please if you want to discuss Brexit and its influence on English film industry please create another topic. Let's post advice here for travel. Thanks!
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