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  1. Definitely share the concept short, I'd love to watch it. I had the confidence for the feature for two reasons. One, it cost next to nothing and was written that way. Two, like you, I have worked on other projects over the years, mainly commercials here in the UK. Thank you for your kind words about mine getting made! Best, Dan
  2. Hi Vital, Thank you, that's very kind! Writing took just under two months then storyboarding, rehearsals and camera tests for a month. It was a seventeen day shoot. This could have been less however the lead and co-producer, Tom O'Brien, had another job. So some days we could not shoot or we had to wrap early. I was fortunate (or maybe unfortunate) enough to not be working at the time so had no other obligations. Post-production took a very long time. As soon as we wrapped I had a really busy year working as a 2nd AD on other films. So it was about thirteen months of post-production. This started with manually syncing every shot, a rough cut and eight cuts before picture lock. Visual influences were mostly films favouring deep focus. Obvious ones like, Citizen Kane, 12 Angry Men, Paper Moon and The Last Picture Show. I was also watching The Sopranos around that time which was a huge visual influence. A lot of The Walking Dead and other films / shows shot on 16mm with wide lenses. I used a 28mm lens stopped down usually to f16 and f22 for exteriors and f8 and f11 for interiors to achieve this. Thank you so much for taking an interest and asking about the film! Dan
  3. Hello all, Firstly I hope I am posting in the right sub and not too soon after my last 'critique my work' post. I have recently had an article published on No Film School about my first feature film's production process. It was made very 'El Mariachi' style. This is not to take away the importance of good crew but for this project I worked in the style I write about in the article. I am keen to share on this forum as I have enjoyed coming here and reading over the years. I hope you enjoy the article and get a chance to watch the film's trailer or watch the film itself online. Thanks, Dan
  4. Hi Ivan, Thank you! Yes I was very inspired after reading his, Rebel Without A Crew. Not to take away from the importance of crews but for this project, I wrote it with budget very much in mind. I shot digitally. The grade was done with Filmconvert and DaVinci Resolve. Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi all, I am a UK based writer/director. Recently my first feature film, 'When Are You Moving Out?' has been picked up for distribution on VoD in the USA & Canada! We are very excited and want to spread the word as well as looking for any feedback that you guys have. Here is the trailer. The film can be viewed here (paid: itunes/amazon). The film was shot in a 'Mariachi' style with mostly natural light. Any questions about the photography or anything else to do with the film let me know! Happy to talk about it. Thanks, Dan
  6. I haven't had experience myself in post. However I'm pretty sure the film La Haine was shot on colour stock and converted to B&W in post. I'm not sure specifically how they did this as I'm not familiar with the process from when the film was made (I'm sure someone else on here would know more about it). Sorry I don't have the exact reference/source to confirm that it was shot on colour.
  7. Very useful information. Thank you for that. Sorry for taking this long to get back. Thanks, Dan
  8. Thanks for this information. Sorry it has taken this long to get back! Dan
  9. Hi Tyler, Do you have any suggestions for one? I don't really know what a real encoder tool is. Thanks, Dan
  10. Amazing, that all sounds great. I'll try that out. Thanks so much! Best, Dan
  11. Hello, I'm not sure this is the right section as it seems quite an odd problem. I am having to make a copy of my 87 minute feature film to a super small file size. It is for the US Copyright Office and they won't accept anything larger than 500mb. I have managed to get a low res file down to 1.7gb but that's as far as I have taken it. I have tried compressing into a .zip (I use a MacBook) but that does not reduce the size at all. A loss of quality isn't a problem as they just need a low res one to check. Has anyone encountered this and knows a way to really reduce the size? Thanks, Dan
  12. Tangerine is good example. I don't know if this was a choice by the Director and DP or because like David mentioned, its a small format (iPhone 5s I believe?).
  13. Hey All, Hope this is the right subform to post in. I don't think anyones posted this news of Imax to develop new cameras: https://variety.com/2022/film/news/imax-new-cameras-1235208022/ I don't know much about Imax cameras, apart from the obvious like they're 65mm, they're loud and they're big. The article writes, "New features for Imax technology will include a quieter design and a number of usability enhancements." Can anyone speculate what else they could be working on for these new cameras just from knowing things about the current cameras? How much upgrading do they need? I only ask because I don't know much about them. Interesting to see what they come out with.
  14. Hey, I haven't used my Canon 814 in two years and picked it up recently. When I turned it on and held down the trigger to test it (no film was in the camera), nothing happened. So I put four fresh double AA batteries in and still nothing. This never happened before and the trigger would work film in the camera or not. The camera was perfect when I used it and has only been sitting on the shelf for the past two years. It was never dropped or even handled, apart to wipe dust off. Here is a video to show what I mean: However a minute after I recorded this video I tried the trigger again and it made a sound but only a frame at a time. You can hear/see what I mean in this video: Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
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