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  1. I don't know the most modern standard 16mm camera, I'm sure someone else will. However I read that mid90s was shot on the Arri 416 Plus. This is also the camera listed on IMDb tech specs and other Google searches for the movies camera. On Arri's info it says the cameras gate is Super16 only (see technical details). My guess would be that their video taps/monitors on set, had an overlay for 1.33 : 1 so the crew could frame up in that ratio. This can be done using QTAKE. Then when it came to editing, they would have thrown the same ratio on whatever programme they were using. This is all just my guess and my technical details may not be 100% accurate. I'm sure someone else on here who knows more about 16mm can answer your questions better.
  2. Great piece of work Stephen! The editing is fantastic. Will this be used as an ad campaign?
  3. Love the b&w, it looks brilliant Stephen. Yes, Cinelab London are wonderful!
  4. Hello, I need to export a project I'm editing from DaVinci for a sound mix. Its my first time using DaVinci to edit, previously used FCP. I did not really plan ahead for having to export for the mix. So my question is, does anyone know of a way to get an OMF file or AAF exported from a project in DaVinci? I have seen, file > export AAF/XML. But annoyingly there are no further settings for the AAF file. The sound mixer has asked for the following: 48000hz, 16bit, 'Encapsulate' in File Menu and 'Complete Audio Files' in the Render Menu. I do not have FCP anymore and I guess I could buy Premiere and export to an XML and then create an OMF or AAF from there. However I'd like to see if anyone on here can help me without me having to pay for one of those programs yet. Thanks, Dan I was unsure whether or not to write this thread in 'Sound' or 'Editing' so hopefully it won't cause to much of a problem being under 'Editing'.
  5. Great film! Beautiful shots. I loved the wide of her first line, "I'm delighted of course." Such a brilliant location as well. How many rolls of film did you shoot?
  6. I don't think they're uncommon at all. They're all over the set in the commercials and indie features I work on as an AD. But I'm probably not getting the inside joke to be fair...
  7. Hawk and Optimo have. But they're widest focal length is 30mm. I'm sure someone else on here will be able to tell you with a better lens knowledge than me though. All the best, Dan
  8. Shooting stills is a great way. I don't know what photos you can be shooting when you're struggling to fall asleep though. But carrying a stills camera everywhere helps. If it records video as well then thats also great. Giacomo's idea is great. Watch films!
  9. I used to film skating with the VX1/MK1 setup. Loved it and I fully understand your problem. I also bought a Super8 camera when I filmed it and would shoot basic tricks for 'filler' on film. I never tried filming the monitor but I don't think its the way to go about it. If you want that Super8 look for your skate film I'd suggest grading the HD/digital footage to get the look you're after. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and the free version of DaVinci is a great piece of software to use to grade. You should shoot real Super8 film for your skate film as well and have both in and try and match as best you can. It also helps explaining to the skater what you're shooting on (Super8). If they don't know what it is, show them examples of what Super8 looks like and how there is a finite amount in each cartridge (and the price). Hopefully they will be down to get there tricks on film and will do their absolute best. Of course this is asking a lot. Film a cartridge with footage you plan to use and try and save 10 seconds on the cartridge. Then with those 10 seconds, film a HD monitor and see what it looks like. All the best, Dan
  10. Amazing to read your support guys! Thank you for the encouragement. I wrapped on shooting my next short last weekend. I'm in the edit and hope to have it out within the next few months! Thank you Uli. It went on food/drink for the cast and crew, the shoot was 1 day and cost of renting the dog. I already had hard drives. To pay the bills and fund my films I work in the AD department in commercials & features. I had connections for cast and crew who were very kind enough to come on my first short. The DP used his own gear. I hired pretty much the same crew for the short I have just wrapped on. But now I was able to repay their kindness and pay them for their excellent work on the new short. All the best guys and thanks again, Dan
  11. Thats a shame Ricardo. I do appreciate the feedback though. This short is only 5 minutes long. The Shining breaks the rule, its well over 2 hours long and has a scene where the line is broken, famously. Of course I'm not trying to compare myself to filmmakers like Kubrick or others who have broken the rule. Thank you for pointing it out Phil. Dan
  12. There's a prop house in London that rents out 'dead animals'. Its pretty much a taxidermist that specialises for film and tv. So look around online for a taxidermist in your area, their skill is in dead animals!
  13. This website seems to give some explanation on how to upload from your mac to safari on your mac. There seems to be some drawbacks, EG "You can only upload Portrait images (landscape gets cropped). Nor can you upload videos this way. You also lose access to Instagram's advanced editing option and range of filters. " Here is another website that seems to be more detailed and helpful IMO. Hope this helps? Dan
  14. Hi, I've recently purchased Path Finder 8. I used the trial for 30 days and now I have bought it the program will not open. When I open Path Finder it pops up with '10 Days Left On Trial' and the 'Buy Later' or 'Purchase' Options. Also are the close and minimise buttons. However anything I click makes the window stretched and disappear off screen. It stretches further with each click. The only way to quit is by force quitting. I have attached screenshots to help show what I mean. I have also attached my MacBook specs. The trial version worked completely fine! I have searched and posted on the Cocoatech website and have not had any help. Are there any DIT's here who use the program and can help?
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