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  1. maybe I'm reading it to this wrong but that would explain why (along with what the scene called for) if you have a longer shutter speed, you're going to have more motion blur, so moving slower to hid that makes sense.
  2. Didn't they have sync motors that worked at 16ish fps.
  3. I'm assuming global draw is the LCD display, or the on screen FX?
  4. meant doesn't it allow you to shoot at higher resolution for longer on raw? It should easy the buffer but if there's some firmware limitation or something I'm forgetting it should work...
  5. It's not as much that but that The way I'm doing it is doing it with the money I have to spend, witch won't turn out a well as it could. I did not here a rumor about it, I heard that they where instructed to move slowly from an interview with one of the actors in the film. I'd rather not undercrank my camera but I may have have to get it properly exposed under conditions I may have to film under, like simple or no lighting set up (because I may or may not have permission to shoot there And I'd rather not push it) early in the night trying to have it look like natural light, even if theres some noise at least have it exposed properly, I mean as long as you know you're shooting at a low frame rate it's not to hard to hid, or I'm I missing something?
  6. And will it let me record at higher resolutions at 16 than at 24 fps?
  7. If I do fps override is it possible to sync it to a external audio recorder?
  8. I saw the movie in much better quality, A lot of it looks under cracked. On top of that I know the actors where told to move very slowly and to make no sudden moments because it would look too choppy, and to much motion blur. Compared to the rest of the movie it seemed to be at a lower frame rate. But I just want to know if lowering the frame rate on magic lantern to use lower shutter speeds, like is it limited to 1/30 even if it's set to 10 fps? cause with out magic lantern it's limted to 1/30 even when set to 24 fps.
  9. on magic lantern dose it allow lower frame rates in an arbtary way like (15, 16, 17 fps)? and dose it let you have a longer exposure like 1/16 sec rather than 1/24 or 1/30. I'm not not talking about time lapse, I'm talking about letting more light in on a video with actors, that doesn't have fast movement ( think candle light scenes in Barry Lyndon), witch where obliviously shot at 15-18 fps. expeshilly this last one. It's filmed just above the point where it will look choppy.
  10. What I should have said is. Because the t5i can write to the card faster and the processor is better, and more features are running on magic lantern, and higher bit rates and resolutions in raw are possible, if your to shoot things like this with as much detal as humanly possible dose it make a difference?
  11. anyone use an eos m and a t5i? is the t5i all that much better?
  12. out of the t1 to t5i or other DSLRs in the same price range, which one is sharpest in the sense of bitrate.
  13. I'll likely buy a windows install for it. Dose eos m do raw continuous or it limited to like 450 frames, That at this fps and resolution it dose, or dose that, no seems to say the same thing.
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