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    Arriflex cameras

    As a cinematographer I love film , I own a Arri IIB Techniscope camera myself. Do keep in mind you are in the DIGITAL AGE. Not to discourage you...but you will be competing with cinematographers today with the latest digital cameras like the ALEXA, RED ONE, Canon .. ect. None of these cinematographers have to even worry about MOS let alone loading film. I would not bother with even Super 16mm ... it's obsolete today in the world of 4K digital. 15 years ago I would have said yeah Super 16mm but even that format days are numbered. So what to do if you want a true film camera? I would recommend 35mm 3 perf or 2 perf and go DI (digital intermediate). You can use cheap readily available spherical lenses. You will save a ton of money on film stock, film processing and ironically studios will love you even more for just that. Avoid 4 perf 35mm camera unless a studio is paying for everything. Avoid anamorphic as that will be a 4 perf camera and anamorphic lenses are expensive. I f you cant do 2/3 perf then just forget film and save yourself the headache and get a 4K digital movie camera. Film is beautiful. Those that put the time and energy into making a feature shot in 35mm will be rewarded many times over compared to some one trying to shoot a feature on a DSLR camera or iphone.
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