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  1. Actually I just googled sound reports and they came up.
  2. A camera report form is listed on this post. Do you know where I can find a good form for the audio side of things? Or at least whats it called?
  3. If thats the case how does the editor know what audio clip goes with what.
  4. So wait, where is the audio logged? If the audio is being recorded externally shouldn't that be listed on the camera report?
  5. You know what, I just found something that answered that question! Finally... Thanks Daniel!
  6. Yeah It does get technical lol. Im been having major "I just need to know this" lately. It was the same with subsampling months ago. So to close this topic... When the lens is going from 18mm to 35mm the focal length physically gets narrow and wider? Wider at 18mm and narrow at 35?
  7. Anybody have any pictures of exactly what is measured to get the millimeter measurement? I want to know exactly what it looks like. Google has not been my friend.
  8. When you come from the DSLR world they compare everything to Full-Frame. I have a new prospective on lenses now.
  9. Thanks for this. It should be common sense for me to think that lol. Makes sense.
  10. I just have 2 starting folders. Exterior and Interior. From those two folders I go to sub categories like car, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Depending on what the scene is.
  11. This was gold. Im still trying to comprehend fully. I need to study and understand the science of how lenses work. Thats my issue.
  12. Ha it lead to a heated discussion because it was a Facebook group full of people who "know everything". Heck, with the right kind of people you'll argue about anything. Thanks for all the replies and giving me an understanding of what exactly is going on. Especially coming from professionals. The reason I care so much about this is because I'll like to develop a style and come up with a look I can stick with if possible. But its hard to mimic something I see if I don't know what sensor or film they were using. For Instance, It says Ridley Scott uses 75mm+ lenses most of the time and Steve
  13. So some cine lenses have no crop factor? I knew I wasn't crazy. Whats the point in making a apsc lens and still have crop factor?
  14. I always fine it confusing when cinematographers say they like to do this with a 35mm or that with a 50mm. How are we supposed to know the look they were going for it the field of view always changes depending on the camera? Im assuming if they are using a industry standard camera 35mm and 50mm pretty much would be easy to copy from there look. In closing... basically even if a lens is aps-c the lens will still never be field of view wise what it says it is. Why on earth does it vignette on a full frame sensor then? So even if its made for the apsc/super35 sensor they still make the field
  15. Is there any lenses made for a particular sensor where the focal length and field of view are identical? Or that just does not happen.
  16. So I had a heated discussion today about this topic with other "cinematographers". I had information thrown at me from all sides and I don't know what to believe anymore .Can somebody please clean this up for me once and for all. Ok I bought a Sigma Art 18-35mm 1.8 lens for my FS5. The lens is a APS-C so it fits well on the camera. A lot of people are using it. So the question is... Is this really giving me 18-35mm or 28.8-56mm? I was under the impression that the 1.5 crop factor only applied when you were using a full frame lens. A guy then tells me all lenses are for full frame and
  17. No I'm definitely not going to give up film making. Im talking about the film its self. I was thinking of film festival. I wanted to know if you thought it was worthy or do you think I should move on. Do you have a short?
  18. Haha yeah. The MacBook kind of made me laugh because its true. I figured its only 9 years from today so it wouldn't matter much lol. Seems like it did after all. The water one was huge because I didn't think anybody would notice. Let me ask you a question. Since its my first film I've learned a lot from, do you think it sucks? Should I just move on and learn from my mistakes?
  19. Thanks for the feed back! But I believe you should watch the whole thing. You will know why the beginning is the way it is. As for the script I agree lol. The script was different before so I had to change 40% of the script for a new character which was the girl. The writing was not a good as the original. More of a rush job.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=uIBao_l90wo A struggling engineer accidentally distorts time and receives a life altering transmission from a mysterious woman claiming to be from the future. Its unlisted so I can enter it in film festivals. Tell me what you guys think. Its like 90% done because I have to clean up some audio. Its my first film I've done and Im excited about it! The actors in the short are first time actors. BTW it has a 80's music theme.
  21. Isn't shooting raw 12 bit on these cameras already using slog like you said. Im confused.
  22. I thought dynamic range was not tied to something like that? Plus the fs5 raw signal is what creates the slog3 prores file. Without the recorder its still 10bit 1080p XAVC tho. But the raw signal has showed to make a better picture. The fs7 is only 12 bit too.
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