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  1. I'm selling my lovely Canon S16 vintage zoom lens. I think there is already said enough about this outstanding beautifully S16 zoom lens. Selling it because I need the money for some other investment. Don't think there is one of these zooms in better condition out there than my one - everything clean, everything smooth! The only thing what I can mention is, that there is a tiny cleaning mark on the rear glass which doesn't affect anything and it's even hard to recognize. Asking 2100 Euro + shipping costs! The lens is based in Vienna/Europe! Payment via paypal!
  2. S/N: 0120298 So not affected by the V8 firmware update problems!!
  3. Massive price drop due to certain private circumstances. 15.000.- Euro
  4. After I realized that the market is not that easy right now, I'll go immediately down to my absolute minimum price point: 18.000.- Euro (plus additional shipping costs - shipping worldwide, based in Vienna/Europe)
  5. 16.000,- Euro or 18.000,- Dollar (plus additional shipping costs - shipping worldwide)
  6. Sony F55 Package (first owner, hardly used and in pristine condition, 2-years old), comes with: Sony F55 Body, Firmware Version 7.1, only 154 Hours Sony OLPF Viewfinder DVF-EL100 2K Low Pass Filter PL to FZ Mount Adapter Vocas 15mm shoulder baseplate + top handgrip and cable protector/side cheese plate Sony SxS Memory Card USB Reader/Writer 2 x Sony SxS PRO Express Card 128 GB Microphone extension from BPM Media Microphone Beyerdynamic MCE 72 PV CAM Price of this package if you buy it new is 33k Euro!! I put down the price by 1/3, so asking 22.000 Euro!! The camera is based in Vienna/Europe!!
  7. Fast zoom lens in pristine condition. No scratches, no fungus, just some slightly signs of use on the body. Comes with Vocas lens support. 16.000 Euro or 18.000 Dollar plus additional shipping cost. Lens is based in Vienna/Europe.
  8. Would you ship it to Europe and what would be the overall price then? Cheers, Leo
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