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    I grew up in New England. I enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, & surfing. Currently working with Vans on a snowboard film.

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  1. Bump / Price drop **1500 for the Angenieux 17.5-70mm Super 16mm f/2.2 **1,750 for the Zeiss Distagon 9.5mm f/1.3 Both lenses purchased and refurbished from reputable dealers and remain in amazing condition. Feel free to message me for more photos / details. Local pickup in NYC or FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING anywhere in the US. Thanks, Tanner.
  2. Angeniuex 17.5-70mm f/2.2 PL Mount Purchased and serviced at Visual Products Good condition asking 1,750$ OBO Zeiss Distagon T* 9.5mm f/1.3 PL Mount Purchased and serviced at Alan Gordon Excellent condition asking 2,000$ OBO Both lenses are in nearly the same condition as when I bought them. The reason I'm selling is that I just haven't been using them as much as I'd like. I can send more photos upon request :) pendleton.tanner@gmail.com 978-340-2012
  3. Anyone out there have any leads on where to find a Arri 416 package? I've contacted a bunch of different rental houses and Arri reps all over the world but no luck yet. If anyone has any info that would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. All footage shot with the 17.5-70 and optex 4mm. These lenses are friggin awesome... https://vimeo.com/191201172 password: lenz
  5. bump / I will cover shipping anywhere in the US overnight.
  6. Looking to slim down my kit! Both items are in perfect working condition and come with original boxes. Happy to answer any questions. Ti PL Mount (captive) - 1,400$ DSMC Side Handle - 600$ Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5k736esx90tsde2/AAC2SFI29Gp42OdZjyHyQTzea?dl=0 Paypal / Can ship anywhere in the US. Tanner Pendleton 978-340-2012 pendleton.tanner@gmail.com
  7. Both lenses purchased / serviced at Visual Products. Both are in excellent condition. The Optex 4mm comes with a hard carrying case. The Angenieux is fitted with a PL mount from Visual Products. I can show footage shot on these lenses per request :) Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h9so9a2cnrr4gaq/AACgNdHIlGbOv8v7PxkUmb-Da?dl=0 - Optex super cine 4mm (2,500$) - Angenieux 17.5-70 (1,750$) Will accept paypal / can ship anywhere in the US. Thanks, Tanner Pendleton pendleton.tanner@gmail.com 978-340-2012
  8. This was a couple years ago but if i remember correctly it was a 1080 scan from Cinelab.
  9. heres some clips from my first time shooting on this camera: https://vimeo.com/182296494 password: aminima
  10. Wooo happy shooting over there in Italy! Definitely check out Abelcine for accessories if you can't find them over there. They are really helpful and have a lot of spare parts for Aminimas, including the Aaton onboard batteries, which are typically hard to come by!
  11. Thanks Giorgio - that sounds like a steal! Perhaps that's why you are looking for various Aminima parts on forums here ;-) This camera is in excellent condition and ready to shoot. I bought it for $4,000 a couple years ago and put in over $1,000 to get re-celled Aaton battery, spare mags, spare daylight spools, etc. It was fully serviced by Abelcine a few months ago (cost me $1,500 alone). Here's what was done: - dissasemble, clean, lubricate - re-aligned sprockets - re-seated magazine - lubricate motor - replaced and cleaned viewfinder - shot and developed calibration test rolls @ 24 and 48 fps Obviously, I'm not expecting to get back everything I put into it which is why I'm open to offers. This is aimed towards a serious shooter looking for a reliable package.
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