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    Screenwriter with 12 years working experience. My strength is in short film writng.

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  1. I am quite fond of this short film. alex Screenwriter (63 short films, 3 feature films)
  2. The list ... GROPECUNT LANE 22 pages. A man buys a house without asking his wife or daughter. The wife hates the house, and it slowly drives her insane enough to kill. SAME TIME TOMORROW 12 pages. Nosey neighbors are certain an affair is going on in the apartment across the hall - with the handsome visito and pretty apartment owner meeting everyday. What's really going on? THE DEAL MAKER 15 pages. A college student goes through some tough guilt after witnessing the mugging of a child - and he did nothing to help. Now he wants to fix things, and sets out to find the girl. ON TOP OF THE WORLD 12 pages. A young man goes into a deep depression after losing his job, and sets out for revenge at any cost. But first there is one place he needs to visit. BENEATH A TREE OF SECRETS 17 pages. A young woman returns to her childhood home to make good on a promise to a murdered friend. Her return is not welcome, and one man will see to it she never comes back. HONEYSUCKLE 14 pages. Erotic vampires. There is a perfect job for everyone, you just need to live long enough to find it. NO FREE LUNCH 6 pages. A family on the Mayor's payroll to help cleean up the streets by any means necessary, are exposed after a hack of the Mayor's email account. The family has one hour to escape. WHORE 9 pages. A struggling single mom is down to handing out pamphlets to make ends meet. A stranger comes along and offers to help - in excchange for one small favor. We do what we need to do. DILEGUA, O NOTTE (Vanish, o night) 9 pages. A young girl takes up cleaning work in the local church, only to learn she has a hidden skill to help her dying mother. THE MANNEQUIN 10 pages. A man whose face was burned makes a living as street performer as a mannaquin. An aspiring art student befreinds him, and talks him into letting her use him for living art. She forgot one important deadly detail. Another Man's Dame - 7 pages -She was from the future, he was from the past. Together they will rescue the only thing she ever loved. Four Walls and a Window - 24 pages - A woman suffers agoraphobia after the traffic death of her mother. An unlikely friend and dance will be her only comfort, and her only chance to overcome her fears.
  3. I am a multi-produced screenwriter (63 short films, 3 features, with lots more in the works). I have several short screenplays avail FREE. If you are looking for some material to shoot, let me know. I also have a screenwriting eBook - also free - that has been written for Indy filmmakers! The first 140 pages (of 800 in to volumes) is avail on my site. Just give me a shout if interested. alex
  4. It would have to be 'Far From Heaven' An absolute masterpieces. I also highly recommend the indie short 'Butterfly Circus'. Alex Screenwriter
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