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  1. I highly doubt it as they never intended to operate in the lower price tier.
  2. I don't know what kind of content you shoot, but everyone and their mother are combining upper end cameras with all types of glass, including Canon L-series, Sigma 18-35 and primes, Xeen, Sigma Cine, Canon CN-E etc.. Don't worry about appearance as long as you like the image from the glass.
  3. Seriously? 4x5ks and 2x10ks to light up that little patch of grass? 😅
  4. Super weird if a rental house wont rent unless a huge studio is behind it. I mean, there can't be that many rental options left for them then on those specific cameras.
  5. Larger sensor and the ability to swap lenses. Also better dynamic range. Footage from the C100 looks a lot more cinematic than the XF300. I had the C100mk2, but have since upgraded to C200. Both are lovely cameras. The c100 codec is a joy because of the small files, while the C200 files are freaking huge.
  6. C100mk2 sounds like a better fit tbh.
  7. You don't want stabilization for handheld work, you want to make the camera as heavy as possible to get the shot naturally stable. Digital stabilization looks artificial.
  8. I'm gonna say natural light at the end of the tunnel, and just the handheld lamps for the warm light.
  9. Also, there is no ad revenue from a channel with less than 4000 subs.
  10. Get yourself a C200. Its pretty close to the Alexa in terms of color, and I honestly cant see what project you couldnt shoot with it. And the price is perfect for an owner operator. I just picked one up. 12 bit raw is lovely, and you can also convert directly to ProRes444 from the card to harddrive to save some space.
  11. Get some filters so you can daylight balance the Arris when needed. Just keep in mind you lose half the output when doing so. Also check out the Came-TV Boltzen LEDs. They seem to be a very good and cheaper alternative to Aputure, and they have a 150w LED. I really like to shoot with tungsten, but daylight is often needed.
  12. For a small and versatile kit, you would be smart to look at some LED fresnels for daylight options. There are also many affordable ARRI fresnels on ebay for tungsten units. Find lights you like to shoot with. I have a kit of 2x Arri 650 and 1x350, and a 400W HMI. The only thing I really need now is a 1500-2k HMI par for bouncing, book lights and windows. A couple of small LED fresnels to light up backgrounds and such would also be nice, but since I often shoot alone, and maybe with just one extra person, too much gear is just hassle.
  13. Me alone with gear is ballpark 700-800/day. For smaller corporate work Ill usually give a fixed price for the whole project. I own a C100ii, some fresnels and audio.
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