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  1. Get some filters so you can daylight balance the Arris when needed. Just keep in mind you lose half the output when doing so. Also check out the Came-TV Boltzen LEDs. They seem to be a very good and cheaper alternative to Aputure, and they have a 150w LED. I really like to shoot with tungsten, but daylight is often needed.
  2. For a small and versatile kit, you would be smart to look at some LED fresnels for daylight options. There are also many affordable ARRI fresnels on ebay for tungsten units. Find lights you like to shoot with. I have a kit of 2x Arri 650 and 1x350, and a 400W HMI. The only thing I really need now is a 1500-2k HMI par for bouncing, book lights and windows. A couple of small LED fresnels to light up backgrounds and such would also be nice, but since I often shoot alone, and maybe with just one extra person, too much gear is just hassle.
  3. Me alone with gear is ballpark 700-800/day. For smaller corporate work Ill usually give a fixed price for the whole project. I own a C100ii, some fresnels and audio.
  4. First of all, you need a speedbooster for that camera. Its not very good without one. As for lenses, youll be good with any fast Sigma or Rokinon glass.
  5. Obviously also depends on the size of the room. There is a difference of subtle moonlight and flooding the room with blueish light.
  6. I have to concider budget as well. I cant spend in the $1000s on light right now. Thats why some used tungsten seems to be the best compromise.
  7. Thanks for the input! I need versatile lights for all types of shooting. Simulating sun- and moonlight, creating soft keylight on talent and for interviews, filling up scenes in day and overcast situations etc. In addition to a 2K some 600-800w will be purchased. Probably some sort of LED panel just for convenience aswell.
  8. I`m actually referring to used vs. new. You wont get a 300d used, but there are plenty of tungsten units for sale online. As to the LEDs pros, I totally agree. Thats great advice! Maybe an open face light is what I`m looking for. Sadly I cant rent and test here. No rental options.
  9. Good evening. I am looking to buy a bigger light to my kit, and concidering options, I think a 2K tungsten fresnel will be best for my use and budget atm. I have looked at some Aputure lights for their portability, but I dont think the higher cost can be justified, since we are talking $400 vs $1400. Looking at options on ebay now, which brands should I be looking for? Arri is definitely an option, but there are some Altmans and other less known brands as well. Any inputs here? How do we feel about these LED fresnels in here?
  10. I've travelled with a variety of gear, and haven't had any issues so far. The airlines are so used to people travelling with all kinds of weird stuff, that they have routines for all of this. Cinema cameras and Pelicases will have to be checked in, but I usually bring my smaller system camera with me in my hand luggage. No issues with batteries for drones or big cameras so far.
  11. Thank you for the great feedback! The reasoning for using a smartphone, was for it to be relatable to a 2017 reality. I do like the idea of showing some sort of picture on the phone, but some of the idea was for the audience not to know what was happening till the very end of the short. That could have still been achieved showing a picture of a couple though. It's a great camera if we expose it properly. This was all with the 100mbps internal 4k, and light grading. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Thanks for the feedback! There was a lot of weather on that particular day, so it actually happened naturally. In grading i made sure the clouds popped a little extra. I understand! I had some issues finding a sound that was decent here, as we didn't record him firing the shotgun, which we should have done. Again, thanks!
  13. Good morning! I have been making films for quite a while, but this weekend, I shot my first fictional short. Would love some feedback on it. We were part of a 48 hour film race, with the theme being headwind.
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