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  1. Kodak sells 100 ft rolls of 35mm color negative - they do require a few weeks of lead time - and that could be much longer now that the supply chain is strained. Not sure if they offer Ektachrome in 100ft, but it might be worth asking if you're not in a rush.
  2. Looking for a 3-perf movement for this camera. Thanks in advance.
  3. Would like to buy a Cooke 20-60m T3.1. Please send me an PM if you have one for sale. Thanks, Damon
  4. Looking for a Tobin motor for a H16 Rex-5 Bolex. Please send me a PM. Thanks, Damon Hoydysh
  5. I'm interested in your ARRI S-3 Shoulder Rig. Please let PM if you still have it. Thanks, Damon
  6. Bolex 400 ft mag for sale. This is just the mag on it's own, no motor and no rollers. It's my spare that I'm not using, so I'm selling. It's in excellent working condition. $225 - buyer pays shipping. I'm located in NYC (Chelsea) if you want to stop by. Thanks, Damon
  7. I'm looking for a working Bolex 400ft mag w/ motor for a Rex-5. If you need to sell, please contact me. Thanks, Damon
  8. I would like to shoot a timelapse of a building going up in Manhattan, and I'm looking for some technical consultation. Does anyone have any experience shooting a timelapse that takes place over a 6month period. I'm thinking that I would use a still camera - with a timelpase function. How many frames per day would be adequate? Construction goes from about 7am until 4pm everyday so I would need the shots during this time period, daily, for 6months. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Damon Hoydysh http://www.highlinestudios.com
  9. They used the following cameras: Aaton Minima, the Aaton Super in Super 16mm and the Arricam LT on 35mm. Everything was shot on Kodak film. Great performances and great cinematography.
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone. I went ahead and bought the Rex-5 with the following for $1100: 16mm RX 25mm RX 50mm macro RX 75mm RX Sekonic Studio Deluxe L-398 M light meter changing bag and some extras. The camera is in immaculate shape. I believe I got a good deal.
  11. Above all, I think the first paying job I use my camera will be to shoot a music video. Is it easy and or inexpensive to rent the crystal motor for these? The Bolex I'm looking at is the Rex5 - mint condition, with the following lenses: 10mm;16mm;25mm; 50mm macro; 75mm Is this a good deal? All for 1000. Thanks, Damon
  12. Thanks to everyone for your input. How would you compare your Arri to the Bolex RX-5? Can you get modern lenses for the Bolex? With a crystal motor, will the Bolex be sufficient for music videos, and commercial spots? Any input on the registration of a Bolex? Thanks again. -Damon
  13. FYI - You can't telecine a negative because you can't project a negative - you would have to make a print, and unfortunately no one prints Super 8mm anymore. If you shoot negative, you will have to have it scanned which will cost you around 400 per hour.
  14. So I'm looking to pick up a 16mm camera, my first. I've been shooting on Super 8 for over a year, and I'm ready to buy my first 16mm. My uses: Lots of run and gun (I love to be able to grab my camera for almost any occasion and shoot), lots of hand held, music videos, narrative, drama, etc. I'm looking at the following - althought the Eclair is a bit out of my price range: Bolex Reflex 5 - (1200) How are these Arri cameras for run and gun, hand held, etc? Arri S - (2500) Arri- SG-BT - (1500) Eclair ACL2 - (2500) Expensive for me, but I know dialogue will be great - how about run and gun? hand held? etc. I've been seriously considering the Bolex becuase of it's price point, and portability (it's the only camera I've held so far) - BUT it I know it doesn't have a registration pin, it's hand wind, and it's not crystal. I'm considering buying a crystal motor so that I can shoot music videos. What is anyone's take on the output of the Bolex w/o reigstration pin? Is this camera really wild? If I get the crystal can I shoot dialogue, or is it just too loud? Which camera best suits my purpose? I'm wondering how the Bolex will be for dialogue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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