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  1. Thanks Gentlemen. Sounds like either a couple 8-bys with for bounce or maybe some 8-by frames with diffusion and some reflector boards to focus some sunlight into them will work then? I appreciate the knowledge.
  2. Hey all, I'm coming up on a project where I'm dealing with a lighting challenge and the project is ultra-low budget for a non-profit, so I don't have a big team to drawn on. We're shooting a group of individuals together in the middle of a field near sunset. My vision for the shot and the way the location works best is to put the setting sun behind and slightly off to the side of the talent and fill them in with bounce. I'd love to have a few HMIs out there to fill, but the location is too remote, and doesn't really work for big lights and a generator. I've done this plenty of times when it's just a medium shot or MCU of a single person and you can get a white bounce in nice and close. That's no problem, but for this shot it's a group, I need to fill a larger area and the reflectors would need to be further back. Is there a formula or rule of thumb to estimate how large a reflector surface I'll need to provide a certain number of stops of fill? I need to know if a couple of 8x8s will do it, or will I need more and bigger, or if it just isn't possible and I'll need to scrap or re-imagine the shot. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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