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  1. I know of several but they seem hard to find.. Had a "time flow" once... wasn't easy to use nor simple to figure the setting status. Anybody? Arthur!
  2. Right... I've seen all the electronics inside the EBM... I was referring to additional electronics inside the handle grip where an ON/OFF button is located. or is it simple pass through.
  3. Thank you Roberto... I will try this then... my fear was there might be some sort of electronic inside... not knowing since I had not taken it apart... yet. thanks again. Arthur!
  4. ...OK, I'm working with Bolex EBM in a studio setting...the camera body will mount directly to the tripod or dolly. I'm not using the handle grip that has the on/off button on it. MY Question is: Can I plug in my generic power supply (12.2VDC) directly into the camera? The on/off switch will be in-line on the cable going from the power supply to the camera? This configuration will help me run the camera remotely. so what is wrong with the setup? Thanks for your support... Arthur!
  5. Do you mean paint the inside edges matte black? Arthur!
  6. I made it out of a thin gauge sheet of the material, optical grade resin. very delicate to work with... damages easy... but I'd like to see the lines thinner...
  7. I have the first prototype installed on a Bolex REX... eliminated the mask and have a line on the ground glass defining the exposed gate area. I think the lines should be thinner...
  8. I wanted to post a clip but the files were to big... The Lab says it is not scratching... but subsequent test will determine that... as far as I see there's no surface damage in the film from the claw... Yes, I have a jig, but like I mentioned but the focus was the main objective of this test... Also that was the last of my test film stock... now to buy more new stock.
  9. OK... the test is back... now remember this test was to see if there would be any bowing in the film and cause out focus areas... I used some older... very older crap film for the test so there are some process marks visible along the edge... The lab said it was just the effect of old film stock.... The GATE is a bit high, but I'm almost sure that is slop is the attaching of the gate... this was not calibrated at all... but that's next. So, anything else needs adjusting?
  10. Swap for keeps... just looking for viewfinder parts to make a periscope viewfinder for a Bolex. Hello Tyler... So let me ask... why are EBM's not so popular??? it seem springs are just more convenient is that it???
  11. Is that colour ? Wittnerchrome 200D is the only one i've found without markings. Both color and B/W... just not sure the name... updates to follow! The Movement Has Started!
  12. Thank you Doug!!! well, I've found a source for 16mm film with no edge markings at all... I've not received it yet but keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. Hello Macks... have any bolex cameras? lenses? what do you have?
  14. Anyone interested is swapping cameras... Super16 Bolex REX5 for a Nikon 7200...? Arthur!
  15. OK filming is completed... in the soup now... if this all works out I'm calling it "Cinema16".... anyone have a problem with that? Results back on April 4th... will post them... stay tuned!
  16. Hey is this legal? I was going for an Ultra 16 gate,,, but I think I over achieved... I got this 6.25mm X 14mm with a nice 2.24 to 1 ratio. What problems do you think are headed my way? A!
  17. OK... maybe this is the feedback I was looking for:... Make the ICONS bigger and easier to see... Make the ICONS more clearly defined to understand what they represent... the "SUPER 16" this denotes the film format as the "H16" represented 16mm vs 8mm Anything else... I will make these revisions and report back... STAY TUNED!!!
  18. Oh great feedback fellas!!! Jean-Louis ok, yeah it's a classic design but outdated!... and not many know what those letters are supposed to represent. Made more as an international icon graphic. and some are backwards or no longer used. IE: P for pixelation... outdated term. Glenn Brady - Yes, these will go on the converted cameras and engraved metal anodized aluminum. Simon Wyss - Yes, it's ok... you can stay back there... thanks again guys...
  19. Hello Crew!!! I would like some feedback, if possible, on these updated Bolex H16 graphics... Now Available from Dr. Bolex
  20. They just keep on coming... ... It's a Conversion movement!
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