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    Camera Engineer - 16mm Format Conversions on BOLEX REX, EBM or SBM Cameras

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  1. something like 6 rollers in total??? where are they?
  2. Not if there is still some crank remaining or the shutter is closed.
  3. Get a REX 4 it has a 10X viewer... and lighter than REX5
  4. No Problem... that's a service We'll be adding this year 2021... by 1st quarter.
  5. OK camera techs... What needs to be done to a 400 ft Bolex mag to make it super 16 compliant ???
  6. Anybody know of any video tap available for Bolex?
  7. Dr. Bolex is still accepting mail-in orders... for conversions or maintenance support.
  8. I gotten request to show a picture through the viewfinder... it is register to match the GATE.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Full-Conversion-Super-16-TESTED-Bolex-REX1-Reflex-H16-Camera/293557492391?hash=item445963daa7:g:FnoAAOSwVbheola8
  10. The Premier BOLEX repair shop is still taking mail-in orders... Visit us at: DrBolex.com
  11. It probably may have been knocked out of place in shipping.... (like that never happens)... a SPANNER tool is what is needed to access a good grip on those nuts. those are available at a full service tool/hardware store. you want to adjust till you have an equal black area around the image. while you're at the tool/hardware store get a little ounce bottle of model car paint to apply to the nuts you adjusted to lock them down. Then with compressed air gently blow out dust a flacks of paint loose in the viewfinder. Good Luck!
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