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  1. Okay... Here's a conversion to 200' film loads https://www.ebay.com/itm/292940692573?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Tyler Thank you so much... I found an UGLY EBM that runs great ...so my solution is to swap out the entire electrical short of the motor and see what happens. some how i doubt the motor lost it's mind. BUT we'll see Again Thanks Tyler!
  3. OK... took a dive inside and found no other fuse. So a simple fix would be: just swap out ALL entire internal wiring - boards and all.
  4. Thanks Tyler... Yep tried all that... this is the way it cam to me... I've been using my trusty 12V power pak that I know is 12VDC to test it. BUT!... isn't there another fuse inside??? not the one in the base... It seems to have blown something . . .
  5. Yes.. it clicks into position just like normal....
  6. Hello Again My Bolex Gurus!!! OK... Have a Bolex EBM - it Runs but only one speed - and pretty fast ,,, not one of the slower speeds... What could be causing this??? How many fuses are on-board/inside the camera? beside the one in the base. It seems I recall seeing a fuse tucked under a circuit board in side the camera. Well would love to hear from someone... Arthur!
  7. Hi All you GURUs out there I have a Vario Switar 100 Poe lens I put in new batteries he electric eye and zoom still do not work. Is there a recommendation of WHO i can send this to and have it checked out? Arthur!
  8. OR you can add a Nikon mount for example... or your favorite lens mount.
  9. Here's a Bayonet Bolex... with carrying handle and motor option... https://www.ebay.com/itm/292595881532?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648
  10. DOM YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!! it was the loose sprocket wheel... it's weird how the auto-thread never failed... cause that would have point to something wrong in the sprocket wheel setting... Thanks again Dom!.... Genius at large!
  11. No Simon... some spools work fine and others don't... and with no take-up spool it work always. the film never jumps from the sprockets ... the loop just very slowly starts getting smaller... and if there was an alignment issue it wouldn't work with or without spools... It's almost as If the take-up is pulling the film too much.
  12. Hello all you Bolex gurus out there... OK, I have a Bolex H16 REX 5 that threads nicely and seems to be running well. The camera maintains the loop while running with out a take-up reel... But as soon as the take-up reel used the loop begins to be lost. But note not all take-up reels cause this... I switched out take-up reel and some reels work fine and some do not. and it seems to be consistent. any ideas on what causes this to happen? Arthur!
  13. Hello again... If anybody knows... Please Share! Where can I get 8mm raw stock - Where can I get it processed - Where can I get it scanned to a video file. NOT Super 8 - but double wide 8mm I'm trying to help out some student again... and they have their own cameras... Any recommendations would be very helpful... since we can't find anything. Arthur!
  14. I'd love a copy Tom... PM me that Please!
  15. Samuel that would be great... could you PM me these for the Som Berthiot Pan Cinor 16 (17 to 85mm), Thank you so much! Arthur...
  16. OK sports fans... The reflex on the early REX cameras is so small... I hear complaints that with super 16 it's even smaller... I've made some modifications to increase the size... and so far the works best... can see the full image, almost 10X but not quite... but the larger opening at the eyepiece is what really helps. there's no pinching or distortion in the image.... CHECK IT OUT!
  17. Thank you for reminding me of this... I think of you now every time I do this...
  18. Well Got the Film test back and it ALL worked as expected.., Zooms stay in focus and centered... what I loved best about this is that there was NO machining required other than for the shutter. it all fits fine... The only misfire was the lens .... it adds vignetting on the wide end of the lens, SO ALL CAME OUT AS EXPECTED, except for the lens
  19. Zachariah Thanks so much for your advice... since September of 2016, I've begun converting Bolex H16s and others to super16... and experimenting along the way... conversions are not easy... but with Bolex... very doable. check out my website or visit us on Facebook... Arthur!
  20. Dom... don't understand why I want to make a lens not work...
  21. Dom... I think we're saying the same thing...
  22. A prime lens will be fine... it's a zoom lens in question... this particular lens on a REX will focus BUT it will loose focus as you zoom.
  23. so you are saying a zoom lens works the same on a reflex REX as an M camera... each has a different distance to the film plane... and you are saying that does not matter??
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