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  1. Hello. Just have a question. Im looking into buying a phantom gold hd. Can you offload files directly from camera without the cinestation? Kind regards, Benjamin Hesselholdt
  2. Dimmer and ballast from Litegear. Comes with cable. Been used less than 15 times. As new. Price 1000 dollars Ships from Denmark.(Europe) Shipping depends o location. Payment through paypal for security Kind regards, Benjamin Hesselholdt
  3. I am building a Litemat 4 from some Lite Tile leds (another lamp from LiteGear, same LEDs) I’m trying to mimic the strength and light weight of the lilemats but is struggling finding the right materials for the fixture Anyone knows which material either litemats or Kinoflos a build by? Kind regards Benjamin
  4. Thx! My production company is smaller size and don´t always have a grip truck, and we need to be able to store in flight cases or something similar. So still looking for input!!
  5. Anyone has a smart way to store rags. I have 4x4 6x6 and 8x8. Lots of different. I need a great way to acces and store them on set. Also so an assistent can find and deliver. How do you do it?
  6. I´m looking for something like this. The picture is from the bottom of a monitor. I´m looking for a system like this. Anyone has an idea what this part is called or the manufacturer? I want to be able to screw a stud up in the monitor an then have it on a stand. Kind regards, Benjamin
  7. Great info. Right now I´m actually thinking of buying in steps: First: Litemate 4 + lite 2l Then: I got an offer for a custombuild fixture for my jemball 22`. This way I can have a battery operated Jemball with both tungsten and daylight. That´s a very nice tool. And last: Litetile 4x4.
  8. Thanks. I will do that when I have the money. Thanks for help, much appreciated.
  9. I´ve have decided to buy 2-3 Litemat´s from Litegear. After a lot of research it seems to be the right way to go, for the type of work I do. I mostly do small location based commercials. Normally it´s 1-3 persons in frame. So if I´m buying 3 litemat´s which should it be? Anyone working with them has experience? I´m also looking into the litetile from Litegear. Anyone worked with them? Kind regards, Benjamin
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