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  1. What is the price for this package?
  2. PL Mount or EF Mount included?
  3. Selling my Amira Just received a full official recertification from Arri NY which included a full cleaning and servicing. Hours: 3700 Included in Kit Arri Amira Body Premium License 4k UHD License Arri Viewfinder Arri PL Mount C7Adapters EF Mount Gold Mount V Mount Arri WPA-1 Arri BPA-3 Sony VCT Plate 3x 128GB Cfast 1x 256GB Cfast 1x Cfast Reader Jason Cases Custom Cut Pelican Travel Ready case $26,000 OBO Listing on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/183565015955
  4. Hey all I recently purchased an analog to sdi mini converter from blackmagic design for my Aaton XTR Prod. Tried it out the other day and I'm having trouble getting a signal to my monitor. Any ideas or possible solutions? Thanks!
  5. Amazing Cooke 10.8-60 in PL Mount. Get the Cooke look at a fraction of the price. Originally a Cooke 9-50 for 16mm but modified for Super 16. The modification itself cost over $1500. Covers m4/3 and 2k on Red Dragon. Recently serviced and collomated by Du-All in NYC. Focus and zoom are geared. Laminated stickers provide the lens' modified focus range. This kit comes with a custom case, lens support and 8" 15mm rods. The glass is in amazing shape. There are a few specs of dust which you can refer to the images for but otherwise perfect shape. No haze, scratches or fungus. Looking for $3250/OBO. Located in NY/NJ. Can meet in Manhattan. Willing to ship.
  6. Thanks Greg! Never saw that list before. Appreciate it.
  7. Hey been looking into an Aaton s16 camera but I'm a bit confused about the differences between the various models. I can't seem to find any clear cut answers anywhere. Thanks!
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