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  1. You could do it yourself. You have to use a lens blower/lens pen and get rid of any visible dust particles. And then wipe gently using lens tissue in a circular motion. Pancro lens cleaner is ideal, yes.
  2. It does not cover S16 as per this database. Very handy. Saves me a lot of time in prep 🙂 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1U5Dzl4ziFl4SWQyamBj8Z57RIDYsSy4jD5E4CYTENjo/pub?hl=en_GB&hl=en_GB&hl=en_GB&output=html&urp=gmail_link#
  3. I came across the same article just now on AC Shot craft by Jay holben. Interesting! Will definitely try this next time on set. Thanks Guy 🙂 Thanks Phil & David. Have learnt so much from you guys on this forum...
  4. Hello everyone, Any tips on how to maintain the continuity of smoke/haze across a scene? Interior and exterior. Thanks :)
  5. Hello everyone! I got a script for a short where there are two characters engaged in a dialogue. I cannot reveal the second character until the end of the film (she is an acid attack victim which we do not reveal till the end) The director is suggesting OTS, Top angle and POV. So basically shot, no reverse shot. But I'm concerned how they are going to intercut and also how I'm gonna keep it visually engaging if I can't cut back to the reverse. Time of day is mid day/afternoon so can't really play with shadows. It's a 6 minuter and we reveal character 2's face at around the 5 min mark. I have suggested maybe showing a side of her face which is not affected. Any other ideas??
  6. Thanks David, it is a small set in a much bigger studio, if that makes sense. I'm taking your advice and I've just called for bleached muslin. Thanks a lot :)
  7. Thanks a ton David for your insight! Would I be able to achieve a similar effect if I bounced into 2 4' x 4' poly effectively an 8 by ? The set is pretty small - 6' x 4' and we'll be shooting top down..
  8. Hello everyone! I was wondering how to light something like this without getting the highlights/reflection in shot. https://youtu.be/BAvGMkEKF08 I was thinking of maybe using bounced light/ or using dulling spray on the surface? I have an 8 bank kino 1.2 k HMI 2Poly 2 x 4 bank kino diff frames 2 x Poly Am I on the right track? Please help :)
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