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  1. Hey everyone! I've got a few lenses that I'm letting go of. Every single one has just been to duall for CLA (which was almost $1k in getting them all good to go). OPTAR ILLUMINA s16 4 LENS SET: 9.5mm 12mm 16mm 25mm with hardcase — $4500 obo the illuminas are in 'hard' PL, not B mount with some crappy adapter. ELITE "Panther" 7mm t1.3 PL MOUNT: amazing lens, cover a whole room! Wider and sharper than the 8mm illumina, but still cuts well — $2800 obo . OPTEX s16 2xTENDER: $800 obo Illuminas + 2xtender: $5200 obo 'Panther' + 2xtender: $3400 obo Illuminas + 'Panther': $6800 obo Illuminas + 'Panther' + 2xtender: $7200 obo shoot me an email! mhs at 16by40 (or look us up). any questions, feel free to ask! photos:
  2. Hey all! I'm splitting up my set and selling our Rouge DP 16-42 It comes in a Calzone Case (that can also hold the 30-80 or another zoom). It was used sparingly and has NO defects, chips, scuffs, marks or nicks on the optics—it's clean as can be! Looking for $9k OBO I'm located in NYC if you'd like to come take a peek. feel free to email me at mhs (at) 16by40 d o t c o m or give me a ring at the office: 844-746-6eight one6. -mike
  3. We purchased this with a cabrio 19-90v2 lens and used it for a few shoots, but realized that most of the time we were pulling from a preston and taking off the grip anyways.* We’ve got fs7s and RED cameras, so we never got to test the ‘auto’ functions of the grip (auto iris and auto focus) so we have no idea if they work. *We've never seen just the grip for sale, so we asked fujinon for a quote for pricing (see last photo)—$14,000! * We’re looking for $5000 OBO. 
 There is lots of ENG normal wear and tear (thinning paint from being used), but please see photos for every angle of paint wear. 
 It comes with the zoom grip, a D-TAP cable and is shipped in a pelican case. *No, the lens is not included! 
 We just know the following: —ZOOM FUNCTIONS:* • Zoom-in and Zoom-out work great.** • Zoom Speed works great. • VTR zooms in and out • RTN zooms in and out • Q-Z zooms in and out • Zoom 'S' engages and works. *Zoom 'M' disengages servo and works. — IRIS FUNCTIONS • Iris set to 'M' unlocks iris. * • Pressing 'IRIS' button while iris setting 'M' is engaged closes down iris • Engaging iris setting 'A' closes down the lens and locks the iris — FOCUS FUNCTIONS • Setting focus to 'M' unlocks focus and allows for manual focusing • Setting focus to 'S' sets sets focus to infinity and locks the focus Any questions, feel free to ask! *And if you're in the new york area, feel free to come by and check it out. thanks!
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