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  1. T Havent seen one these before ! Thanks for the heads-up Duncan. Although i must admit im somewhat intimidated by its size. How tall/wide is it compared to a regular Harrison Tent ?
  2. Thanks Omar. Guess I have to clarify I’m only looking for stock on 2” spools and not on daylight loading spools.
  3. Hello everyone! Im currently in the market for 16mm color material. Can be new Kodak Vision 3 or older Vision 2 stock. Also interested in short ends / recans. Preferably located within the EU. Thanks you in advance, Montell
  4. Looking for a used, well maintained Harrison Film Changing Tent. Also open to other manufacturers. Thank you in advance, Montell
  5. Hello everyone, im currently looking for a set of either Optar Illuminas or Optika Elites S16 primes. Mostly looking for wide lenses (6.6, 8, 9.5, 12, 14, 16mm). Could also offer a Zeiss Optex 12-120mm PL zoom for trade (+ extra cash). Also keen on other S16 primes. Looking forward to your offers. Preferably located within the EU. Kind regards, Montell
  6. Hey there, from my experience it’s worth either upgrading to a PL Mount or buying a SR2 with a pre installed PL Mount. In the long run, there are more lenses to choose from as bayonet lenses are getting more and more rare. On the other hand lenses with a bayonet mount might be a bit cheaper and can easily be adapted to pl using the right adapter if necessary.
  7. Hello everyone, looking for a CineMilled Control Panel for my Ronin 2 Controller. https://cinemilled.com/p/ronin-2-control-panel/ Preferably located within the EU. Also looking for other alternatives, if there are any... Thanks in advance and stay healthy, Montell
  8. Hey there Mathew, we achieved a similar effect/look using these special diopters made by vantage in combination with uncoated Zeiss high speeds. https://www.vantagefilm.com/en/tools/vantage-squeeze-diopters Greetings from Germany,Montell
  9. Recommend getting a battery powered litemat, Aladdin Bi-Flex or any other foldable bi-colored light and putting it into a paper chinaball. Don’t forget about putting some sort of diffusion onto the open end of the ball.
  10. Did this some time ago. Highly recommend if on a budget
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