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  1. Might be a good idea if i had the space to do so. Rigging a M90 or bigger onto a truck and flooding the whole neighborhood with daylight might solve the vitamin d deficit some might have developed during the lockdowns... 😉
  2. Thats a pretty solid setup! Been thinking about a pretty similar setup. As i cant find a proper upside down slider where im located I have to try going the dolly route... I'll keep you all posted once I receive feedback from my gripper. @Phil Rhodes have you used them to light the cabin through the small windows on either side or the cockpit as well ? Our windows might be too big and too far apart to use individual CRLS mirrors (especially as we want a strong, non diffused and directional light)
  3. A platform would be nice but too expensive. @Uli Meyer "unfortunately" our windows are pointing towards the north and we only have one day on location...
  4. Actually im thinking about a way of not having to move anything on tracks altogether.... less moving parts = less room for error
  5. Yes. Safety is of uttermost priority. Got a meeting coming up where we'll discuss this in detail. Moving away from the whole idea of having the 4kw on any kind of track. Do you guys have an idea how to achieve similar effect using, lets say mirrors ?
  6. No, not stupid at all Stephen! Actually I thought about a similar setup but instead of using individual thrus pipes id opt for a long 4-point traverse. Using two wind-up stands on either side it would be easy to operate and the flex under load would be minimal. Yet I’m not too sure how to mount the slider upside down or how to safely mount the lamp onto it.
  7. @Guy HoltThank you very much for this thread! Unfortunately it seems like some of the pictures from 16 appear to be missing. Would you mind re-uploading them for us to see? Regards, Montell
  8. We probably could. But it would likely be too big to fit onto a GFM Quad Dolly (see image for dolly reference). In addition we dont have enough space to get the crane in a suitable position as the light isnt moving inline with the tracks... Out of curiosity, which type of crane would you use to get the 4kw up to a height of 4-5m ?
  9. Thank you for your input David ! I'll see what my grip comes up with next week.
  10. Two sets of tracks next to each other would be ideal. Yet our production budget and size wont allow for the required additional equipment nor man/womanpower neccessary to pull this off at this scale. Have you heard of an adapter which allows to mount a stand onto an euromount ? This would benefit the stability greatly and i might have fewer issues with the light tipping over ...
  11. Hello there everyone, for an upcoming project we are required to move a 4kw HMI on some sort of dolly approximately 10-12m to simulate the sun moving across the room. The caveat is, that our location is on the first floor. Which means I need some sort of a smart solution to secure a wind-up stand (extended all the way to approx. 4m) against tipping over, whilst at the same time begin able to move it along the tracks. Ive been thinking about constructing a larger platform for a GFM Quad-Dolly made out of wood or similar material with extendable aluminum struts so we could tie the
  12. Hello everyone, Im currently after a set of Tangohead Bluehandles or similar set of handles with extensions and a 15/19mm bridge. Preferably located in Europe. But I’m also open towards international sellers. Thanks and stay healthy, Montell
  13. Hey there Simon. Found a good deal on an aaton ltr for 2800eur with the possibility to ship worldwide over at ebay.de https://www.ebay.de/itm/Aaton-Aaton-LTR-Super16-Kameraausrustung-komplett-drehfertig/293581297644?hash=item445acf17ec:g:3bkAAOSwf3pevvsJ Maybe it happens to suit your needs. All the best, Montell
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