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  1. As far as I remember Benedict Spence used Mitchell Diffusion Filter on season one. Not sure what they used on season two used though. If you want to be certain, just drop him a message through Instagram. From my experience he replys to all question within a short amount of time. https://www.instagram.com/benedict_spence_dop/
  2. Hello everyone. Recently got messaged the link to Arjion Daniels "Grammar of film language" through a Ukrainian friend of time. Although the original is written in russian, the translation provided through google is more than good enough to understand all topics. Link: https://info.wikireading.ru/254372 Excerpt from the abstract: "This essay on "The Grammar of Film Language" by Daniel Arijon is a teaching aid for directors, cameramen, editors and all those who seek to improve their professional level in cinema. The reviewed book tells quite documentary about the creation of the film. Directors around the world use the editing and shooting techniques described in Daniel Arijon's book, but mastering the techniques alone is not enough to create a work of art. And therefore, this manual can only be a help in the hard work of the filmmakers. This book will significantly reduce the learning time and avoid the difficult search for information about cinema. Here you will not find theoretical research, our book is a practical experience collected by the best directors over a long period of their numerous screen tests. You can talk about the emergence of the language of cinema at the moment when the filmmakers came to understand the idea of creating different pictures, small pieces in order to give them a whole new holistic meaning. They realized that by combining, combining two completely different symbols, one can get a new embodiment of an idea, a fact, a feeling, as in other communication systems. ..."
  3. Wow Dom! Thanks for all the information! They really made some interesting lenses back in the day. Do you happen to know what happend to Kinoptik? Did they shut down or were they bought by some mayor brand? For anyone keen on buying the Kinoptik F=1.98mm, here’s the link to its eBay listing. https://www.ebay.de/itm/KINOPTIK-SUPER-TEGEA-1-1-9-F-1-98-mm-in-Holzkiste-/234398462092?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=707-127634-2357-0
  4. Thanks Uli. But I’ve both shoot on the 9.8mm & 5.7mm Teaga and that’s not it. The lens shown on the pictures is a different one. Especially given its massive convex front element.
  5. Hello everyone! Upon looking through various pages on the web I’ve stumbled across this rather weird super wide angle lens made by Kinoptik in the early 60s. Browsing the patent number only shows a diagram showing the layout of the optical elements. Does anyone know what kind of camera this lens was made for and if there are any images taken with one somewhere? And maybe even some insight into the history of this lens? Also I’m curious if it would be possible to adapt this lens onto PL Mount in order to use it on a S16 camera (assuming the image circle is large enough to cover it) Greetings, Montell
  6. Could you please elaborate why "old" (what is old for you?) meters are useless on modern fixtures ? Have used a borrowed Kenko KCM-3100 on a few past projects in order to evaluate the color shifts on different sources in order to match them. Which worked great for me thus far. Although im well aware that every meter gives a slightly different reading, especially compared to current digital ones but as long as I get some sort of baseline im fine with it.
  7. Hello Roberto! Thank you and I will send you a message regarding your meters.
  8. Good Afternoon everyone! Im currently looking for a used but loved Color Meter. Preferably a Sekonic, Kenko or Minolta. May be a long shot as theyre hard to come by used but maybe ill get lucky. Ideally located within Europe as im currently in Germany. Any leads are also greatly appreciated! All the best, Montell
  9. Hey Dirk. Tried ordering stock directly from Kodak 2 weeks ago and they could only forward me contacts of private customers which had some rolls to sell. From what I’ve been told they expect most stocks from past orders to be shipped within a month. Over the next few weeks the situation is expected to come back to normal. Although 7219 might remain hard to get due to a significantly greater demand.
  10. Had the same problem on my SR2. Only had to swap the normal screws for shorter M4 ones and now my new handles work just fine.
  11. T Havent seen one these before ! Thanks for the heads-up Duncan. Although i must admit im somewhat intimidated by its size. How tall/wide is it compared to a regular Harrison Tent ?
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