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  1. Thanks David, Thanks Simon, i will try your tips to see what i got. I must appology for my poor english, I read it without problem but to write it's an another thing...
  2. On a spool, there's a film on it. I dont know if it's B&W or color. I will develop it but before i must determine what i got. The process is different if it's color film or B&W. How can i see what kind of film i got?
  3. With the camera Bolex i buy there's a film on one spool. The 42' Bolex is a second hand and the vendor was a shop who didn't see it. My question is how can i determinate if it's a B&W or Film?
  4. Thanks a lot, i didn't use the right words on my search, even many try...
  5. I will take care of them and use them only at 16fps. The other advantage is the quality of the camera. Last week end i just add a second one but youger. A L8 year 1950 :) (she work and was only 10€ ...) And maybee a '50 H16 will be there too sooner.
  6. Thanks Dom. I didn't try with a film now, but in few week i would do it. The Bolex technician told me that for old H16 they must run 20s at 24fps without slowdown. For mine, the speed is constant without charge exept at the end with a slighty lost of speed. I have use my work strobe gun. I will do a service later. I will use the camera for fun (not as pro) for sure. For me it's not a static collection object. It's alive and need to be use. As for old racing bike or car, the best way to prserve them is to use them.
  7. As i found a cheap Bolex L8 (double 8mm) and want to devellop myself, i look for a tools to split in two the 16mm film. I have take a look around internet but din't find anything yet. Can somebody help me?
  8. I got an old one. I have check the speed with a strob and for 16 frame it run only at 15.2 fps... As the speed tune knob isn't indexed i slighty ture it to obtain 16fps precisely. For the method, i use the strob on the shutter disc. My question is : The method is right? Which is the tolerance for the fps on a camera? PS: I will send later for servicing my camera to Bolex factory. Juste need some money for...
  9. Thanks for the anwser. I have think the same, but as i'm a newbie, i don't want some jam or other trouble with my old Bolex.
  10. I've got a question about those two standard. Can they both be used in old 16mm 2R camera without trouble? The 2R-3000, as i read, seem to be important for high speed camera. But what about 8 to 64 fps camera ? Thanks
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