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  1. I went ahead and tried out the sharpie test, here is the video: I don't see much when running at 24 and 8 fps, but single frame you can clearly see some movement. I'm not sure if this is normal?
  2. Yes, REX-1. Is this a common issue? This is definitely possible, I hadn't used a Bolex for a couple years before this. Okay thank you I will try this today. The guy is still saying the camera is fine, and that the black and white film is just really sensitive to the light. The only reason I could see this being the problem is that the roll I used was a few years old, and always just stored room temperature. But it seems like a weird effect for expired film.
  3. Hi all, I just bought a Bolex off of eBay and shot a roll of black and white reversal to test it out. After getting the scans back I noticed some weird vertical streaking in most of the shots. I emailed the guy who sold it to me and he said it's definitely just the lighting, but this is happening in shots with completely different lighting situations and different lenses (25mm Kern and a generic Sony zoom). I think it might have something to do with the pressure plate or maybe a developing issue. Any thoughts? I'd appreciate it. Here's the link to the full scan: youtu.be/Sdm4M-8Fwd8
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