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  1. Hey. Selling off the Bosses Schneider Xenon FF 5 Set - 25 - 35- 50 - 75 and 100mm. In pristine Condition. All work perfect with no dust nor scratches. Located in LA for about another week. Thanks and contact me anytime for serious inquires. Looking for $11k cash deal for the quick sale. Thanks 4045667440
  2. Have the following for sale: RED 1TB Mini Mag $1800 RED 240GB Mini Mag $600 (I have 2) Contact me anytime 470 326 7718
  3. Selling a RED Epic-W Brain Only. Low hours. I do have a basic package you can inquire. The RED is non-transferable. Meaning it can not be registered with RED. Looking for $18,000.00. Located in the Tri-state Area. NJ/NY/PA/CT Contact me anytime. 470 326 7718
  4. SOLD. 14mm and 65mm Ultra Primes For Sale. Contact me 929 352 5842
  5. 21mm CP.2 for Sale Arri/ Zeiss 14mm and 65mm Ultra Prime still available. Looking for quick sale. Thanks!
  6. Only 21mm CP.2 PL Mount left. Arri / Zeiss 14mm and 65mm Ultra Prime still available.
  7. I have 3 RED Mini-Mags 512GBs for sale. Take one or take all. Taking best offers. Thanks. Contact me anytime 929 352 5842
  8. Hey, Have Ultra Prime 14mm and 65mm up for sale if you'd be interested. Thanks.
  9. CP.2 PL Mount 15mm, 21mm and 135mm still available. Ultra Prime 14mm and 65mm still available.
  10. I wouldn't be opposed to selling the SS set together. Contact me at the number above or PM. I'm currently in NJ as well.
  11. Rather not, however of course it depends on the offer. Let me know what your interested in. Thanks.
  12. Looking to sell off all my equipment. Just made a post. RED Helium Brain 60 hours non-transferable, Arri Ultra Primes 14mm and 65mm and a 5 set of Zeiss CP.2s Pl Mount. Let me know thanks. create@beautifulsavageagency.com
  13. Hey, Selling off my gear to finance out next project. I have the following: RED Helium Carbon Fiber Brain 60 Hours - Non- Transferable Arri / Zeiss Ultra Prime 14mm and 65mm PL Mount Cinema Lenses Zeiss CP.2 PL Mount 5 set 15,21,35,50,85 Please contact me directly at anytime. We're located on the East Coast and will travel and ship anywhere under certain circumstances. Thank You. 929 352 5842
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