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  1. Hey guys, Just thought i'd give you a little update on the project, as it seems to spark up a bit of interest! So as mentioned before, the budget was increased nicely, which allowed us to successfully hire the correct camera package needed for the job. As Brian correctly guessed above, we ended up contacting a nice chap called Dicky, who had a huge warehouse in London full of amazing gear and relics of the past. Turned out he used to Op on British TV shows back in the day, and owned the correct gear, so we really lucked out. We ended up shooting on the Ikegami -3 tube camera
  2. Hey guys, As my last quest for Aaton accessories on here proved successful, I thought i'd try my luck again in my search for some 15mm Aaton XTR screw in aluminium rods. Would anybody happen to have a set lying around? Ideally looking for the short ones, but not the 4", 6 would be ideal. Thanks, Nick
  3. Guys I want to thank you all for the incredible contributions and suggestions. Luckily the label have hiked up the budget greatly, allowing us to shoot with a GA-TV Ikegaami-3 which I believe is a 3 tube, plus we get an operator as well, who has had years of industry experience shooting the exact programs we are trying to replicate! I'll keep you all posted on the results! Best, Nick
  4. Hey Guys, So i've been tasked in DoP'ing a music video next month and at the directors request, he want's that 70's style look, as we shall be re-creating a 'top of the pops' style performance for the band. My references for this sort of thing are basically anything Bruno mars has put out over the past 4 years: Bruno Mars - Treasure: Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man: and... Pheonix - J Boy: Ideally, due to budget restraints, it would have to be digital and as we'll be renting off a friend for a silly price, so it will most probably be an Epic. How
  5. Thanks Aaron, thats incredibly kind to provide that information for me. I'll get onto Pierre regarding the rods. Best, Nick
  6. Hey Stephen, Do you happen to have: - Walnut handgrip with cable - heated eyecup cable - 2x 15mm 6" rods that you'd like to sell separately? Thanks, Nick
  7. Hey Guys, I've recently become the proud owner of an Aaton XTR Prod, however the camera unfortunately has a few items missing, which i'd like to acquire. With that said, i'm on the lookout for original Aaton accessories including: - Walnut handgrip & cable - 2x screw in 15mm rods (short) - Heated eyepiece cable As the purchase of the camera used up a fair amount of my budget, i'm looking for reasonable prices, however I completely understand that these are getting harder to come by, so happy to play fair. I also have a few accessories that I don't think i'll be needing
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