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  1. Hey Joel, As Tyler said the camera sold. I do have a BL4 4perf package available if your interested shoot me a DM
  2. You can run many 35mm format lenses on an SR3 however its important to consider that because the S16mm format is much smaller than 35mm all of your lenses will be "cropped" . So a 25mm is now giving the prospective close to a 50mm if used on a S16 camera. etc.
  3. I have a set of Mk2 T*1.3 S16 Super Speeds (9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50mm) available for $12,500 I also have Mk3's (9.5, 12, 16, 25mm) $12,000 Please PM me if you are interested and would like additional info.
  4. Hello Aaron, I can help you out with this. I going to PM you now.
  5. Hello Nick, I have a few spare eyecup heater cables. I'm currently out of rods and grips. I may get more in the future. Send me a PM and we can talk more.
  6. This Package has sold. I do have a comparable package available that has a B&W XC77 Video tap. Please PM me for details
  7. Aaton XTR Prod S16mm Camera Package All components have just been serviced and in great working order. From rental inventory and has been regularly maintained for the life of the camera. I have 2 comparable packages available. Package Includes: Aaton XTR Prod S16mm Camera Body VR46 Color Video Assist 1.78 Ground Glass Standard Viewfinder (short) Heated Eyecup Extension Finder Carry Handle w/ 2 Aaton Tools Right Side Grip w/ Start/stop 15mm LWS Right Ride Rosette Dual Rosette Grip Extension Arri 15mm Studio Baseplate 2x 6" 15mm Screw Type Mini Rods (not pictured) 2x Coiled Eye
  8. Hello Josh, I have an Arri 235 3-Perf and Moviecam Compact 3-Perf packages available. Please PM me your email and I will be happy to send detailed info.
  9. Rare chance to own a complete Arri SR3 Advanced camera package just serviced and regularly maintained by Clairmont Camera. Includes premium IVS video assist. Package Includes: Arriflex SR3 Advanced S16mm PL Mount Camera Body S/N: 4070 1.78/1.33 Combo Ground Glass Arri 30mm Eyepiece Arri Heated Eyecup Arri FE-4 Extension Eyepiece S/N: 1007 Arri Eyepiece Leveling Rod S/N: 1072 Arri IVS S/N: 5079 Arri BP-7 S/N: 5929 Arri 12" Dovetail S/N: 5079 Arri DC/DC2 Box S/N: 1434 Arri Right Side Grip w/ Start/Stop S/N: 340 Arri "Piggyback" On-board Battery Adapter S/N: 9615 Arri 15mm Clip-on Mini Rods Mag
  10. Hi Charles, I have a spare VR46 CCD Color Video tap for the XTR. I should have an extra extension finder as well. Please PM me and we can discuss details. Thanks!
  11. Hello Issac, interested. I'm sending a PM now. Thanks
  12. Hello Evan, I have a few of the piggy back adapters for on-boards available. I have some on-boards that require re-celling, I can look into what it would cost for you if your interested. I can also have a battery belt made for you. If your still looking for a solution please PM me and we can speak more on this.
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