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  1. Hello! I have a Beaulieu R16 with a re-celled battery, an old original charger and a Tenergy smart charger. Do you think I can cut the smart charger wire and add the din plug of the old charger to it to be able to charge the battery? otherwise is it possible with the old charger only to charge the new battery re-celled ? thank you
  2. excuse me my level of English does not allow me to answer you but thank you! saw your opinion dispute I will send him my camera and it will make a complete check up. I tested and indeed it is in wide angle that the image is soft. I would have liked for all the qualities of this jewel! but I do not forget that after so many years and format I can not make 16mm! but I love the super 8 and my Nizo also has a problem of sharpness. thanx everybody for your help
  3. Hello do you if collimation is obligatory or a extern filter could be use ? Thanx
  4. In a participative lab with a spire but no lomo tank . Why ?
  5. in the lab where I am we devellope with C4 and indeed I look we can develloper negatives too
  6. I knew that the UN 54 could be developed in both ways but you are sure that I can do the same with the N74, I have not found anything on Orwo or on the internet. According to you if I develop it in invertible how many ASA should I use it?
  7. thank you but this recipe is for the reversal film UN54 while I asked for the N74 which is a negative film. but I keep it because I have some too.
  8. do you think the d76 is a good idea or should I use something else?
  9. hello, I would like to have your advice to develop the N74 400 asa in super 8 not with the D96 but rather the d76 or other photo developer ... thank you !
  10. What amazes me is that I read on forums that it was going to be read at 250 ASA. To know I looked at the aperture with the vacuum camera and with the 500t cartridge and I have the same result (with the filter removed) is this a good way to know?
  11. Hi I have a canon 814 autozoom electronic and i would like to know if my camera will read a vision3, 500t as 400 asa or 250 asa ? Thank you
  12. I have another question, if I use a filter Wratten 85 or 80, I have to change the asa of the camera or just leave like that since there is a loss of aperture of the measurement TTL
  13. For my first short film I filmed with a Yashica which opened to f1,2 like my Bauer and it was of the 200t ... Indeed I should test numerical first to give me an idea but my Olympus omd em5 only opens f3.5 so I could hardly compare.
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