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  1. Thank you, Andries. I will definitely go to Click und Sur in the future should I venture back to Super 8 filmmaking. My ZC1000 is currently with the seller, a well-known NYC camera house, but they may not be able to do anything with it. If I do get my camera back from them, I will send it to Click und Sur. Apparently, Retro8 has no interest in repairing this camera, either.
  2. Thanks Luigi...just got your message. :D
  3. I've just acquired a Beaulieu R16 with power zoom. The Reglomatic cut-out switch is working and the auto zoom works, but so far only in one direction. A small unit in the upper left of the turret (the control labeled "B" on the upper left side of the turret in the photo) seems to control the auto zoom but since I don't know how it works, I don't know what the buttons do, and can't seem to make auto-zoom work in reverse. Any advice anyone has about this unit would be helpful. The more immediate problem is that the Angenieux lens focus ring is stuck on infinity. Is there some way to unlock it, a button or switch, or some reason why it doesn't turn? I know I need to send this camera to someone for a complete overhaul. Does Bernie at Super 16 do ALC overhauls on R16s? Or should I get in touch with Björn Andersson to do this?
  4. I also have a Fujica ZC1000 in need of repair. Besides Retro8, does Duall Camera do work on Fujica Single-8 cameras? Also, what about Fujica Single-8 repair shops in the U.S.?
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