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  1. Do you know the quality of the Kodak 7231 reversal process results? And a laboratory in Europe that develops this film in reversal? Thank you. :)
  2. Thanks for the information and the proposal, Stefan. Unfortunately at the moment I don't have that amount, hopefully soon, if you still have the camera available. It's a good and honest price for a 35mm. Returning to its qualities: could it be even better than a Konvas, even if not motorized? It seems very stable, fits good lenses. Konvas, if not well supported, is a bit of an unknown.
  3. Yes, Mark, reversal, sorry for translate. On Wikipedia: EXR color negative (ECN-2 process 1989–1996) 5245/7245 EXR 50D introduced in 1989 (discontinued in 2006) Should it mean that it was produced until 2006, but discontinuously? But the tin seems to me maximum of the 90s. I would not expose it to more than 3 stops (already very difficult with a 50, easier 2 stops).
  4. I have a roll of 16mm 400ft of Kodak EXR 50D (7245). 1) I know it has expired, but from the codes printed on the tin, how can I tell when exactly? It would also be good to know the decade, so that it can understand how many more stops it should open. 2) Can it be developed in inversion, how does someone manage with the Vision? Thank you.
  5. Does anyone know the "Soviet Eyemo", the KS-50B (КС 50Б)? Or old KS-1, AKS-1 and similar models. If you find one for good price (less than Eyemo, otherwise it does not make sense), can them be good camera? Thank you.
  6. Who knows Bentley films? It should be the Ferrania films for the UK market. I'm interested in knowing how to develop, if possible, Bentleycolor 25 ASA (light-blue box). Bentleycolor 25 ASA should be Ferraniacolor, if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Thank you both. But I have to say that it only happens with the K3 of all the spring cameras that I have. It does not happen, for example, with the Bolex H8 and with the Pathé DS8 (which have the warning bell). I will try to not exhaust the spring completely and avoid the last few seconds. Do you know that all K3 have this problem? Because it seems to me that with a model I had so many years ago it did not happen. Ah, I had removed the FRONT panel (see: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=78897)of K3 to clean the glasses, I don't remember if before opening the problem there was, but I think that front aperture does not affect the shutter: am I wrong?
  8. Who knows the problem that have many K3 (maybe all?) ff the shutter that does not remain closed or remains halfway at the end of the winding? Which then leaves an exposed frame, which is lost, and viewfinder "close". As soon as the wind is touched for a new winding, the shutter returns to position, but the frame is lost... Is there a way to avoid it? Thank you. :)
  9. I think I have solved well. Before I tried to clean without having disassembled the front of the camera as in the picture, then I did and I noticed that the glass in the circled red UPPER part is not reachable without opening the camera from the front, in fact the glass is deeper. I cleaned it with a pad soaked in alcohol and now the viewfinder is much clearer and bright, it has lost the cataract effect. I also cleaned the other glasses better with opened camera (of course, without being able to get in the glasses of deep inside camera), and I also gave a splash of air where needed. I also cleaned the silver mirror on the shutter, which is really sensitive to scratches, I have seen some micro that fortunately in the viewfinder are invisible. Probably the camera was exposed to temperature changes during a trip that did. Now I have a better vision, even if all this has nothing to do with the performance on the film.
  10. I add: the Meteor lens is very clean, I have used it with other K3. I think it's the silver surface that gives the cataract effect, but I know that trying to clean up would make the situation worse. Maybe I could try with isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol? In the points circled red in the photo, is there a glass in addition to the viewfinder's cell? Can the dots of the ground glass be in the red-circled parts or in the blue circled part? Or is it in the upper inner barrel of the viewfinder?
  11. Hi, I have a K3 that does not have the classic yellowish but bright viewfinder, but it's "milky", like a person's vision with a cataract. I've read about this problem with old cameras, but never with a K3. How could I solve? Obviously this does not affect the film, do you confirm it? Ah, where is the precise point where K3 has the points of ground glass? Thank you!
  12. Yes, I had noticed the difference in threading. Manuals are available from the B&H equivalent, so I'm getting a clear idea about this type of machines. It does not cost much, I could try, even if lately I'm oriented on another 16mm cameras.
  13. Tyler, I saw some ads and I would like to take one. I could cut a 100ft in two, in the changing bag (using a test film of similar length), and load in the cartridges. I found some advice about this camera, but I didn't find the inside of the cartridges, I think are loaded with the usual little cores. I read that it could give results similar to a K3, but I didn't find any data about the solidity of the gate. I saw that it has a light meter, but I would not trust the old cell, I would use my external lightmeter. The lenses, however, seem not bad, but they had a proprietary thread, so... little compatibility.
  14. The Scoopic has on its side a loading hyper easy. Not that the Bolex is difficult in this regard... And then it is very practical as a camera. Edwin, it's good to have both, the Canon for "disengagement", the Bolex when you want to engage more with a less practical viewfinder, etc. P.S. I opened on Russian Gear a thread on the Kiev 16 C-3, who knows it?
  15. Good offer, Gareth, thank you. At the moment I don't have that economic figure, but I would do a thought... I remember someone here have this machine, from the research you're talking about it, I think you have it. What do you think about it?
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