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  1. 16mm Kodak Plus-X 7231 Negative 122 m (400 ft) Always kept in the fridge. On the box there isn't expired date. 80 euro +shipment cost P.S. For overseas buyers: Italian post is expensive
  2. Werner, with the Krasnogorsk 3 I shoted to -12, no problem! More are simple and better at low temperature.
  3. Thanks for the advice (and for the interesting cameras list!), the one of the adhesive tape is also very useful. Now, I have TWO 100ft daylight spools with a round hole available, so I should have no problems with my Bolex H8 However, I understood why the Fompan does not sell the R100 2x8 100ft format on a round hole spools: not all Double 8 cameras had a round hole for 100ft.
  4. Yes, I would say that the iris closed helped, but the definition of the camera is still good. It is a good optic, no doubt about it. I see that it is still cold, but I believe you have not had any problems of blocking the mechanics or fogging the lenses / viewfinder. How many digital / magnetic tape I saw stuck at low temperatures! :)
  5. In a flea market near home there is this camera, it costs 18 euros. Is worth? If so, I take batteries with me to test it. https://www.filmkorn.org/super8data/database/cameras_list/cameras_sankyo/sankyo_cme330.htm
  6. Elmo 8-TL was very interesting, I didn't know it. The Trifilmatic yes, of course, particular machine. I see in some photos of 8-TL, it has proper round spindles, with a knob to close the spool on site, but I can't see the specific Elmo spools out of the camera. However, I imagine that Fomapan also provides the 2x8 of 100ft lenght to allow cuts and uses also in smaller cameras without 100ft feature, such as the classic daylight spools that all machines have.
  7. Simon, what other Double 8 cameras have the possibility of 50ft and up (100ft, etc.)? Including those that use external magazines. However I think I have found the Fomapan 100 2x8 spool: it' with square hole, so I must have done the first pass on a round hole spool.
  8. Great results, Werner. I noticed the definition in depth of field.
  9. Simon, the 50 ft would be useful, but alternatively you can buy a 100ft one and rewond on GIC spools. But it's not very comfortable... I seem to see that even the GIC has round spindles.
  10. Ah, OK! Tell me, will you do a scan of the DS8 shots? I'm curious about the results.
  11. Roger, I have seen square spindles only on Bolex H8 modified for DS8. But perhaps also other modified H8 have them, who knows, I can't tell you precisely. Remains the mystery as what daylight spools Foma using for its R100 2x8 of 100ft.
  12. I'll explain. More than a year ago, I shot a film with this emulsion and lenght of film, and with a Bolex H8 Rex4. The Bolex H8 Rex4 has round shafts, in fact I have 2 original Bolex daylight spools which are like this in photo attachment, with round holes (the photo is mine): If you try to use a daylight spool with a square hole (like for 16mm cameras) on the Bolex H8, it enter, but it's unstable, vibrates. Now there's the part I don't remember, and there are two possibilities: 1) I place directly the Fomapan R100 2x8 100ft daylight spool (in this case spool had a round hole or an adapter), it fit well, and the film passed on the take-up spool that I showed in the picture. Being Double 8, then I shoted the other half of film. OK. 2) As the Fomapan R100 2x8 100ft daylight spool had the square hole, I wrapped up the film on the spool in the photo (in the dark, of course), and used it for feed spool. And I used another daylight spool with a round hole that I have, equal to the other in photo, for take-up spool. Again, obviously, then I shoted the other side. OK.
  13. Roger and Andries, it's 2x8, it should have a round hole compared to those for 16mm camera. Or not? I used it one year ago on the Bolex H8, which certainly doesn't have a square pinion. Or it have a hole with some adapters? I don't remember.
  14. Someone has a photo of the reel/coil in which the Fomapan R100 2x8 30.5m (100ft) is usually contained? I can't find it at home anymore, I don't remember how it's made, I needed it for a project.
  15. I sell one roll of 7,5 meters approximately of rare (cut from a laboratory) Double 8 Orwo DP3. It has no expiration date but has always been kept in the fridge. 20euro + shipment cost. Thank you.
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