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  1. Hi guys, I'm going to imitate this still-frame from The Student (Vladislav Opelyants) * For the light beside the cross, I'd use a Quasar Q-LED Crossfade (2000 K) or a Q-Lion (3000 K) and avoid cables/wires. (other suggestions, welcome!) * But I would like to know how you will set the keylight, I can use HMIs, Kino Flo, Tungsten and PAR, I'm particularly curious about PAR lights but I never used them before and I'm not sure if they suitable for this scene. I also need to that light seems to be in frame (like in the original picture). *I'm shooting in a studio and there's no space limitations. Thanks in advance, best wishes Santiago
  2. Hi Tiago, I'm interesting in watch more from this, how I search it? Thanks, Best! Santiago
  3. Dear guys, I'm going to Hong Kong for a photography project (and I also want to shot some 150 fps). I want to get the look of this picture in a GH5 with a Leica Summicron R (f2) and I'll probably use a Minolta flash. I'm looking for a 4x4 filter that can helps me to reach the following look on camera. Do you have some recommendation? Thanks, best S.
  4. Now I understand the difference. I'll go with the Summicron, thanks.
  5. One more time, thank you Adrian! you are helping me a lot these days. Is important for me, I appreciate. I really like your recommendations and I think this way to proceed work for the character I'm looking for. Anyways, it's impossible to me don't consider that a second hand Summicron R 35mm f2 it's on the same price of a new Voigtlander Nokton 42.5 f0.95 , I can guess why. But as long as I live in China, low light adaptation is a very important aspect to me. With the Voigtlander I'm going to loose bokeh and some nice tint but I'll push out my low light scenes from the noise and I'll probably get a smoother focus ring. I'll research more about both and I'll try to rent them for test how I'm feeling. Anyways, I always appreciate your comments based in your experience.
  6. Thanks Adrian. I took a look but you're right, I still under budget. Have you tried the Schneider Cinelux or the Isco Ultra Star? PS: I'm a student of first year
  7. Hi guys, I just bought a GH5 (M43) and I'd like to invest in anamorphic vintage lens. My budget is $2000. I'm looking for character. I'll appreciatte any kind of suggestion.
  8. Thanks Adrian, Thanks Tyler! I was really interested in the Sigma 18-35 1.8 performance but I understand can be annoying to use it with a electronic adaptors. I was researching and asking to friends about some manual (or M43) lens to replace it but I can't find any choice. Do you know some alternative to this lens under 1200 USD? Thank you, Santiago
  9. Thanks Adrian, Thanks Tyler. I'm a roockie in photography, actually I'm student of first year and my background is publishing companies. This is the lens: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/967344-REG/sigma_18_35mm_f1_8_dc_hsm.html They said: "The Hyper Sonic Motor provides fast, quiet, and smooth auto focusing that is well-suited for use with video applications. This AF motor can also be manually overridden at any time by rotating the focusing ring, giving you the ability to fine-tune image sharpness through manual focusing." Is this a problem for me? Do you think I can use the Fotonix EF Adapter properly and invest the price difference in another tool? Sorry if my question it's obvious, haha. Have a nice day! Santiago
  10. Hi Adrian! Thank you for your suggestion. What you mean with "EF to M43rds adapters are cheap" ? Which adapter you recommend? I was thinking in buy a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and a Rokinon cine 12 t.2 for use in the GH5 by SpeedBuster Ultra 0.71x , do you think this can runs? Thanks! Santiago.
  11. Hi Dan! Thanks for share. Nice works! I love your 1st scene! where comes from? I'd like to watch it! About the edition, I'd move the woman giving birth after the guy drinking oil and then: 1. (guy drinking oil) 2. (woman giving birth) 3. travelling to desert guy (1:07) 4. black singer with the mic 5. rapper 6. rock band 7. guy sleeping 8. your end In my opinion, 0:52 scene is not necessary. best, Santiago
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