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  1. Thanks a lot, Andy! Going check this out!
  2. Hi Jan, I 've been using this profile. But want to know more about Picture Profile. Thks a lot.
  3. Hi everyone, I've just bought a Sony Alpha 6300. I used to have a Blackmagic Pocket first generation. Now I am getting use to Picture Profile issues. Saw a lot of videos and I am bit confused. Anybody knows a good material about Sony's Alpha Picture Profile? Trying to study more deeply about it. Is there any good thread here about it? Couldn't find. Thanks a lot.
  4. And about the slow motion? Is the crop issue a problem?
  5. Hi Macks. I am going to shoot all-around videography, not narrative.
  6. Hi everybody, I am going to rent a camera to make some tests. Want to record some slow motion footage too. I was doing a resource and find out that the C 300 can record 120fps, but only in 1920x1080 and cropped. How is this crop? And what about Red Epic Misterium-X? Beside this slow motion issue, with one should a rent? The rent house offer me both camera for the same price. Thanks a lot, Fernando Alves
  7. Hello everybody, My first topic in this community. So, I am a editor and now studying cinematography. I am going to rent some equipments to test. Going to rent a studio for two days for this tests. I am going to shot some packshots and kind of short commercials for Instagram. And use this footage to build my cinematography portfolio. This my first test will be with a Canon C300 Mark II. My doubt is: What lens, ligth, equipments should I rent? I have a small budget. So far this is my list: Canon C300 Mark II 4 Arri 650 plus Monitor Panasonic BTLH 1760 Follow Focus Tripod Any suggestions? This is my first time making a list of equipments. So any help will be welcome. Thanks a lot, Fernando Alves
  8. Hi David, Thanks for answer me back. So Should I "remjet" as a first step of the porcess? Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello, I want to know if is possible to process 16 mm color negative in a small lab? Last week I have tryed to process some B&W super 8 reversal film and it worked. I use a Lomo tank to do it. And now I want to make some experiments with 16 mm color negative. Can process some 16 mm expired film in a Lomo Tank? And if it is possible, how is the better way to do it? Thanks a lot
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