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  1. Ohh Got it. Thanks, David. Take care.
  2. Yes, h want to shoot in slow motion. What I don't understand is why make project time base in 23,976? Why does't leave at 47? Thanks.
  3. I found that the film was shoo in 47 frames per second and project time base in 23,976. Why DPs choose this setup?
  4. Hello, I am an editor. I have a doubt. Sometimes I receive from the DIT footage in 23,976 and it is slow motion. What am I missing here? The video is in slow motion, but if I look in the information it shows 23,976? Can anyone tell me or show a good article about it? Thansk a lot, Fernando Alves Editor
  5. Sorry. Post in wrong place. How can I erase it so then can post it in the right place. Really sorry.
  6. Hello next month I am going to use Sony Alpha 7 iii and Sony Alpha 6 300. Last time I use Alpha 7 iii didn't like the way I set up my camera. Have seen some tutorials in Youtube, and set up my camera following one of these tutorials. Does anybody here like Sony Alpha? Maybe anybody can help me here. Is there a solid tutorial about how to setup my picture profile?? Wacthing those tutorials I notice that people are very particular in the way to setup their Pircture Profile. In this next month job, I will shoot in a small studio a model of hands. Which light should I rent to get a nice skin color with this camera? Thanks a lot.
  7. Hi Jan, I 've been using this profile. But want to know more about Picture Profile. Thks a lot.
  8. Hi everyone, I've just bought a Sony Alpha 6300. I used to have a Blackmagic Pocket first generation. Now I am getting use to Picture Profile issues. Saw a lot of videos and I am bit confused. Anybody knows a good material about Sony's Alpha Picture Profile? Trying to study more deeply about it. Is there any good thread here about it? Couldn't find. Thanks a lot.
  9. And about the slow motion? Is the crop issue a problem?
  10. Hi Macks. I am going to shoot all-around videography, not narrative.
  11. Hi everybody, I am going to rent a camera to make some tests. Want to record some slow motion footage too. I was doing a resource and find out that the C 300 can record 120fps, but only in 1920x1080 and cropped. How is this crop? And what about Red Epic Misterium-X? Beside this slow motion issue, with one should a rent? The rent house offer me both camera for the same price. Thanks a lot, Fernando Alves
  12. Hello everybody, My first topic in this community. So, I am a editor and now studying cinematography. I am going to rent some equipments to test. Going to rent a studio for two days for this tests. I am going to shot some packshots and kind of short commercials for Instagram. And use this footage to build my cinematography portfolio. This my first test will be with a Canon C300 Mark II. My doubt is: What lens, ligth, equipments should I rent? I have a small budget. So far this is my list: Canon C300 Mark II 4 Arri 650 plus Monitor Panasonic BTLH 1760 Follow Focus Tripod Any suggestions? This is my first time making a list of equipments. So any help will be welcome. Thanks a lot, Fernando Alves
  13. Hi David, Thanks for answer me back. So Should I "remjet" as a first step of the porcess? Thanks a lot.
  14. Hello, I want to know if is possible to process 16 mm color negative in a small lab? Last week I have tryed to process some B&W super 8 reversal film and it worked. I use a Lomo tank to do it. And now I want to make some experiments with 16 mm color negative. Can process some 16 mm expired film in a Lomo Tank? And if it is possible, how is the better way to do it? Thanks a lot
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