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  1. I'm the Key Grip 😅 haha. Suction cup mounts do need those requirements in order to work. I'm just unsure if the suction would be strong enough to hold. I don't suspect the boat getting that wet since the actor is just strolling along but I should take that into consideration in case water splashes. High hat w/ some ratchet straps would be my other option.
  2. Thanks guys! There has been talk about attaching another boat to the picture boat with speed rail. I think I can get away with rope too, but definitely a solution that they're willing to consider. I'm also taking into consideration if the director really wants to be behind the actor on the same boat, for story purposes. I've suggested a smaller camera like a Sony A1 or A7SIII, w/ the same lenses so maybe they may contemplate that idea and I could maybe get away with suction cups and a small camera ball mount, with extra security of course. Do you think suctions cups could attach onto the material that the paddle boat is made out of?
  3. Hi everyone, so I'm looking for any suggestions in how I can mount an Arri Mini LF w/ Kowa 35's to a paddle boat. I'll attach some photos here.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm looking for recommendations for any digital camera log book solution. Preferably free, but open to spending a little bit of money. Apple preferred. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, just wanted to feel the waters to see if anyone knew any well-known Cinematographers who came up from G&E. I've worked as a Gaffer and Key Grip myself for a good while and I wanted to see how the journey was to get to the DP position from other people so I can research their path to see what I can do with mine. I've DP'd a handful of projects so I've worked in the Camera Department before, so I'm not at all green.
  6. Thanks AJ, I have yet to see the entire film so I have to see how he manages, but I'm just so impressed with the timing and the precision he makes. I just realized the amount of ball busters on the sticks so it makes sense what you said.
  7. Hi everybody, I wanted to know what techniques are effective when it comes to whip panning or when you quickly have to move the camera towards the direction of a character or object; whether on tripod or handheld? Practicing helps I know, but has anyone ever used a method where they improved their accuracy when landing on the shot? For example the BTS for La La Land where the op is going back and forth between two people. He's amazingly accurate so I want to improve my skills to get to that level eventually.
  8. UPDATE: Spoke to a BM representative regarding this issue, "The clip you sent demonstrates a definite clipping in the red channel highlights, exacerbated by the compression factor being set at 8:1. You may get better results at 5:1 or 3:1 here, but no promises. I’ll mention this one to the developers for their consideration." Hopefully this will help anyone who may experience the same issue.
  9. Yes, where it gets all cream color like. If it's just overexposure, I'll keep a note of it. I thought it had something to do with the red pixels, but guess not, thanks Phil! Sorry for the confusion! 😅
  10. Umm lets see. So I shined my LED panel towards a black memory card case. I started moving the case around, and on the bottom of the picture is where I see some weird distortion. I'm guessing its the reflection that is causing it so I want to see if theres anyway to fix it. I don't have any car brake lights footage unfortunately, but whenever I shot footage at night I would see the red colors shifting as I'm recording and doing playback.
  11. Hi everyone, Does any one know if Black Magic has created a patch or a fix for the Red colors? For example, when I shoot at night, any car brake lights or stop lights I see that the red color seems to go overboard in saturation leading to a distorted pixelated image for that particular color. Any fixes? Or something I'm not finding? I've heard that the pocket 4k doesn't have this issue anymore, so I'm wondering if they even have a fix for the G2 yet. Black Magic forums, I've had no luck finding anything, so maybe someone here may an answer. Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, another one for the books. So I'm starting a feature later this month and one of the rigs that I need to devise, is one where I need to rig a ronin 2 to a ceiling for a Birds Eye View. The ceiling is slanted, hence my reach out for advice. Usually I see rigs where there is some level of flatness but in this case, not at all.
  13. Scary stuff there. I believe the Key grip is pretty well experienced. I'm just trying to get an idea as to how they would rig it and see if the units are able to fit all together
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