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  1. Hey everyone, I was wondering what methods you can do to create a rig where the camera is centered above a group of kids, and the camera begins to boom up and spin in a circle at the same time. I know a jib would help create the boom effect, but I'm having trouble imagining the tripod head attached and spinning around. I'm thinking I just do an extreme tilt on the ball head and loosen the pan and have it spin once we're about to shoot. I'm afraid, however, that the camera's battery might be in the way which may throw that idea out the window. Any thoughts or rigs that are decent in budget? The camera would be a RED Epic body with standard Zeiss Primes.
  2. Hi everyone, so I'll be purchasing the new Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro G2 and I was wondering if you purchase CF Cards, will they be able to manage and record BRaw at the highest quality (4.6K @ 12bit)? Or is this only do-able with the SSD Cards and attachment? I'm concerned if I go with CF Cards I would be limited to certain recordings. I wouldn't be going that high in quality, but I would like to have the option if necessary. Does anyone know an answer to this?
  3. Thank you guys! I appreciate the feedback, hopefully I can come to a decision. Ideally I would like to get more work variety in my portfolio so I can show to potential clients. Hence why I feel like gear might help me in some way. For now I'll just have to work on my negotiation skills to convince people to hire me, which is pretty difficult as is but I will try to learn and improve.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a local LA DP and I'm wondering what would be a smart investment if I wanted to secure more work for myself as a DP? I mainly do narrative work, and very low budget indie projects. Looking to get into more music videos and commercial work, but still have a balance between the two realms. I don't have the funds to purchase a camera, but I'm looking for something under $3K. I wanted to know from fellow DP's what investments they made and if it actually helped them acquire jobs in the long run.
  5. Hi everyone, Happy New Year to all! So I'll be Key gripping a short film at the beginning of next month and I'll be needing to rig an Alexa Mini onto a roller coaster. The roller coaster is the West Coaster at the Santa Monica Pier. Has anyone rigged this coaster before? Any advice or preset equipment knowledge that would benefit me? I've researched how the coaster is and it seems to be a pretty disappointing ride so I'm not too worried about the g-force, but I want to take every precaution possible to ensure the safety of the cast and equipment. I've done car mounts before, so I'm accustomed to rigging. I'll be taking measurements to make sure I have the proper gear, but any sort of guidance that would help me rig the mount efficiently and safely would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hey everyone, so I'll be DP'ing a project this upcoming weekend. I'm thinking of using a LED Tener and a couple of the LED Seniors to use as my main sources of daylight. I'm trying to keep it consistent throughout the day because it's one scene happening within an hour. The units will be shooting into Ultra Bounce's and going in through the windows that will have warm sheers. I'm wondering if the Tener and Seniors will be capable of giving me a good amount of light within the interiors. Going for a High Key Soft Look. Ideally looking to shoot at a 4-5.6 if possible so I'm wondering if theses units can help me. I've drawn and attached an overhead as to what I had planned.
  7. Is there any website or chart (besides the BMPCC) that shows the DR of most cameras out now? Kind of like a comparison? Or are they usually listed on the website of the manufacturers?
  8. Hi everyone, so I have a potential DP gig in Sweden and in England next year. I wanted to know for lights and camera batteries what is the protocol? I'll probably rent from places overseas and they probably already have fixtures already rated for their current form of electricity. I've researched a bit and from what I'm reading the voltage is 230, would it differ only in terms of amperage? Do they they have the same maximum amperage like the US? Like 15-20Amp circuits? Will the lights used here in the states have the same effect and output over there? Or will the frequency of the units cause some sort of effect? Would be nice if people can recommend me a few places for rentals. Not too sure where I'll be specifically, but anything just so I can research their websites. Thanks!
  9. Thanks everyone this helped clear things up a bit. Appreciate the input.
  10. Hey everyone. so yesterday I came out of an interview and was asked by the director what special skills I had as a DP that would make me stand out among the rest. Has anyone been asked this question while applying for a job? I was stumped and I honestly couldn't give her an answer because I didn't know. I felt like poop when I left the interview because I couldn't think of anything. Wanted to see what have people done in the past or what they answered to potential employers/clients?
  11. So it has characteristics of net then? and not of a silk?
  12. Would it eliminate more light than a regular silk? Or would the unit come in at the same intensity?
  13. Just to use it. I've always seen them on sets from time to time and I honestly want to test it out and see what sort of situatons I can use them for. I feel like many people don't use it enough and I think it's something to look into further.
  14. So I'm about to rent a 4x4 Black Silk, and curious as to what type of situations I would use them for.
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