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  1. We have Set of 8 UltraPrimes (metric) in mint condition. 16-24-32-40-50-65-85-135mm Price: 60.000 polsanchez73@gmail.com
  2. ALEXA Mini (1800hrs) with licenses K1.0003873 ALEXA Mini Body. Arri RAW + 4:3 K2.0003216 Arri Pl K2.0005861 Mini VIEWFINDER K2.0006140 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket (MVB-1) 2 x K2.0006347 ARRI ADAPTER PLATE WITH ROD SUPPORT FOR ALEXA MINI (MAP-2) K2.0008135 ARRI VIEWFINDER CABLE 75cm (29") FOR ALEXA MINI K2.0006352 ARRI BRIDGE PLATE ADAPTER FOR ALEXA MINI (BPA-4) K2.47090.0 ARRI BRIDGE PLATE BP-8 SET (19 MM RODS) K4.47460.0 1x BP-8 Bridge Plate K2.0000324 1x Bottom dove-tail plate 300 mm/12" K2.0001022 1x Support rods 440 mm (17.3"), Ø 19 mm 2 x K2.0006334 ARRI LIGHTWEIGHT ADAPTER PLATE FOR ALEXA MINI (MAP-1) 2 x K2.0006348 ARRI SIDE BRACKET FOR ALEXA MINI (MSB-1) K2.73002.0 ARRI CENTER CAMERA HANDLE, CCH-2 K2.0006471 ARRI BATTERY ADAPTER PLATE BAP-1 K2.0014531 ARRI V-MOUNT ADAPTER PLATE MK II FOR ALEXA MINI (* not the Bebop in the picture) 2 x K2.66252.0 ARRI SUPPORT RODS 340 MM (13.4 INCH), Ø 15 MM 1 x K2.0006170 ARRI EXT-RS ADAPTER 1 x K2.0006876 ARRI POWER SUPPLY LIGHT UNIT 24V/240W (24V) 2 x LEXAR 256GB Professional 3600x CFast 2.0 Memory Card 1 x USB 3.0 reader 1 x ARRI Swivel Antenna for ALEXA 1 x Allen Key Price: 50.000 polsanchez73@gmail.com
  3. OConnor ULTIMATE 2060HD Professional Fluid Head PackageO'Connor 2060HD Bowl Oconnor 150mm Tall + Short Bowl legs + Hexagonal case OConnor ( 08433 ) Foam Fitted ATA Case (NEW) In very good condition Located in EU Price: 8.500€
  4. Ultra Prime set of 10 lens (metric). 14-16-20-24-32-40-50-65-85-135mm S/N: 885xxx Price: 75.0000 OBO If you need more info you can contact us in polsanchez73@gmail.com
  5. We have for sale 1 x O'Connor 2575 Head (Mitchell) It is the first version of the tripod If you need pictures or more info don't hesitate to contact us in polsanchez73@gmail.com Price: 6.000€ Located in Spain (EU)
  6. Set of 7 Cooke Speed Panchro (series 2). TLS Rehousing 18-25-32-40-50-75-100mm Set of 7 Cooke Panchro. All are in pristine condition, the set has been serviced by TLS This an exceptional set in perfect conditions. If you need more info or pictures you can contact us to polsanchez73@gmail.com We are located in Spain
  7. It is bowl.. I'll add pictures next week, as I'm on a business trip this week
  8. We have for sale, in USED 1 x O'Connor 2575B Head Price: 5.500€ We are located in Spain
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