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  1. Yes DS8, I will cut in 2 super 8 roll (with the soviet cutter) and load in the s8 cartridge. To do that correctly I need to know where the emulsions faces, you said IN, I think you are right. I am watching loads of tutorial online and the emulsion is in, thank you!
  2. First of all many thanks for the quick answers. Regarding the topic: I am trying to understand how the rolls are made, I am trying to reload a s8 cartridge. To that I need to know in the roll how if the emulsion faces out or in. Thanks
  3. Hello, this is a very general question, for any format. I was wondering in the film stock (when it is still in the box, new) where does the emulsion face? Does it face externally? Always? In particular I am interested at the Fomapan (r-100 ds8). Please let me know if you have some information about that. Thank you
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