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  1. That's an impressive build! Amazing attention to detail. ARRI made a great choice in their selection.
  2. When I rent out gear I require that the items being rented are listed with serial numbers and replacement values on the cert. My company has had 2 claims, the first we didn't do this and the claims process was a total time drain for everyone. On the second one we did have the list and it was a simple process. We also include terms for loss of income but really this is so that the insurance company doesn't sit on their hands while we're out a lens. As for problems with the gear on the day of the shoot you are ultimately responsible for testing out the gear. However, this is part of the importance of building a relationship with a rental house. If one of my customers had a problem like that I would bend over backwards to correct it.
  3. I had a shoot yesterday in which I used an ARRI L10 to bounce light off an 8' bounce card rigged 7' in the air and then used a Celeb 400 and Celeb 200 on each side of the talent as a key and fill respectively. The biggest complaint I had from the talent was that she was too cold, it was about 15ÂșC where we were shooting. I never thought I would get the complaint that the LEDs weren't hot enough. In all seriousness, the fact that the 300D has the same output as a the L10 without the weight or 2K without the heat is just crazy to me and I'll probably be picking one up. An LED light will future proof your kit whereas a tungsten is, in my humble opinion, investing in outdated technology.
  4. I've seen a lot of F65s on eBay that have the LDS cut off and shimmed. Why was this done and can it be reversed?
  5. RentMovieGear.com 501 E. Presentation St. Sioux Falls, SD 57107 605.787.1282 reuben@RentMovieGear.com Hi, my name is Reuben Isaac. I operate RentMovieGear.com based out of the Midwest USA. I focus on providing quality camera and lenses to create amazing images. This gear includes the Alexa M, Alexa Studio, and the Alexa XT PLUS as well as a set of Master Prime Lenses, the only full set of Optica Elite Anamorphic Lenses, and the Optica Elite S35 lenses. We rent our gear all over the U.S, our centralized location allows for easy shipping to L.A. and New York as well as anywhere in between. Please call me at 605.787.1282 or email me at reuben@rentmoviegear.com You can look at my price list here => goo.gl/3jLg2y
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