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  1. Arriflex Schneider 10mm 1.8 Cinegon in really excellent condition with front and rear caps and schneider box. CAMEFLEX MOUNT, so for Eclair and Cameflex cameras. NOT for Arriflex. Rare opportunity to own a prime like this for Eclair. I'm located in FRANCE, so factor shipping from there (but it weighs very little).
  2. Jean Louis, I have an Eclair ACL II and am wanting a Jaeger to XLR four pin, are you able to quote for making that cable up for me? It's for the small side mount battery pack. Thanks, Steve in France.
  3. Here's a photo of the interior. Looks like AA batteries to me. I want to re-use the charger that I have...is it ok to use NImh or should I use something else??
  4. Ah, ok. Perhaps there is a little corrosion on the fuses or maybe one is blown. I'll pull them out and have a look. Yes, the camera does turn over freely manually using the inching button.
  5. I'm trying to power up an ARRI BL EQ and I'm thinking that perhaps my battery isn't strong enough. It's at 13.5 volts but the Ah is only 7. It jumped once and now all I get is the red light to flash on the back. How much battery power is needed?? Also, I had a look at the fuses and am wondering the BL EQ model is configured differently. I don't see anything is the fuse compartment that resembles traditional fuses. What am I looking at here???? Once again, any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I'm going to open it up and will post photos. I have already used the EL with a 12v gel battery that I have and a home made cable but I was liking the idea of keeping the portable pack that fits on the side of the camera. You're right Tom, the 12v gel will run for ages.
  7. I've never done a re-cell and am looking for advice on what batteries to buy, soldering tips, wiring from anyone that has experience in re-celling a battery pack for a Bolex EL. In particular, are the aH cumulative or does each battery need to be, say, 2000 ah.?? I haven't broken open the case yet but am expecting to find a bunch of AA batteries wired together. I want to go back with NiCad type batteries so I can use the original plug and charger. I'm handy with repairs but don't want to start a fire or have anything blow up in my face! hah. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Camera works great. Meter works. Battery doesn't hold a charge for very long so will need replacing or re-celled. Charger works well. Shipping from FRANCE. 650€
  9. Hi and thanks Gareth but I'm looking specifically for the manual for the BLEQ, which is configured slightly differently from the regular BL. I've already had a look on apecity, which is a great resource, but no luck, other than a tiny picture of a BLEQ and a few indications of function.
  10. I got it off of this thread but it could be referring to door hinges and other less essential parts.
  11. I have only located one in the film chamber. There should be 11 and I'm wondering what should be taken off to have access for oiling.
  12. I'm hoping that reviving this old thread might bring out someone that still has the lubrication points for an arri bl. None of the links above work anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. sent you a message about the arri bleq.
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