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  1. apparently £2500, "for a quick sale", but she does not seem to reply to messages or posts on this forum. ??? You have to trace her postings to find the original mention of the lens along with the price.
  2. my daughter just finished INSAS in Brussels, Belgium. Free and very high quality 5 year program.
  3. hope you scored the 4 opton lenses on ebay yesterday. 700 quid for 4 pl mounts. yeow!
  4. you don't happen to have a motor for an ACL you would like to sell? Thanks, Steve Jackson
  5. Does anyone have a variable speed motor for an ACL they can sell me? Thx.
  6. I tried to push that pin out and saw that it wasn't budging so gave up out of fear of bending the shaft. Thanks again for sharing this really useful information.
  7. yeow. that looks like a real job. The wires running to the ball drive on my motors are much thinner and fragile looking. Thanks for documenting and sharing this. A really valuable resource.
  8. looking forward to the photos on the variable speed motor rebuild.
  9. Ducan, this is really valuable information and I am so glad you are taking the time to document what you are doing and sharing it. Once you have posted the photos etc for the variable speed motor, could you re-post everything you have shared here (especially changing the rubber drive!) under separate new posts so it will be easier to find in the future. There is so little information about the workings of the arriflex camera out there.
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