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  1. Also, the method for measuring the right amount of film to create loops is not counting off 12 frames...that's the NPR. Download the ACL manual online for a very clear explanation on how to load the magazine properly and get the right amount of loop.
  2. The ACL has a warning clicker incorporated in the magazine to warn you if it has lost loop. Very audible. If you didn't hear this while filming then there may be another issue.
  3. My ACL is a Visual Products conversion yet I still get flicker when using certain lenses, even though they cover super16. I have found that my arri lenses for my 35mm camera offer the best results and no flicker.
  4. Makes a strong case for the 144 degree shutter.
  5. Looks perfectly timed to me. Thanks for sharing this.
  6. For me, the Arri B/Standard mount is the one I use the most, but I'm sure a PL mount would be welcome as well. Good luck on the project.
  7. And this one is a Nikon F adapter. I'm not sure if it's a factory model or not. Both the Arri and the Nikon F are very well made.
  8. Here's my two cents. First one is a Bosher or perhaps Chrosziel ?? Arri B/S adapter, which I find most useful of all the adapters.
  9. I don't know if Mutascan will do Fuji, but I know Dejonghe in Belgium will.
  10. so that would work equally as well for a transaction of $1 (which is what paypal does to confirm new members identity!)? $25 is a rather hefty amount to expect to place an ad. In any case, it was a deterrent for me when wanting to post an ad for my eclair motor.
  11. Deals are out there but you have to dig. A super16 Eclair NPR converted by Les Bosher just sold on Ebay for 2300€ and amazingly, It took two goes on Ebay for it to finally sale at that price.! For info, I may be selling my Visual Products converted Eclair ACL II camera that comes with a pile of accessories and a newly serviced motor. It's a gem of a camera.
  12. For Sale: A newly serviced by AZ Spectrum late model Eclair ACL II Heavy Duty Motor. Only used for testing since I got it back in November 2023. One of the upgrades that AZ does is the mirror parking feature is now instantaneous rather than the slow crawl back to the viewing position. Works perfectly. 1500€ net to me. I'm in Belgium. Probably the only one like it currently for sale on the planet.
  13. I have a camera that was converted by Paul Scaglione in 2005 and another thing he does is mill away part of the body (viewfinder side) so that once the mounting plate for the adapter is shifted to re-center the lens, the adapter can seat properly without hitting the camera body. My shutter is a 144 degree, with some counter weights on it, but I still get some flicker when using certain lenses. Yet some lenses, no flicker. ??? Perhaps VP would machine the gate for you.
  14. https://www.ebay.de/itm/305354626255?hash=item47188dd4cf:g:GBwAAOSwNA1lpBXv&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwNjmR7tBdSabObxX45KhF2zAS9bt8Y8funaSzFrDDBQU85k1jxNlda%2FrBkjvvY9D3m8MFeE6WIdQpB4muizgoruCnc0uy5l%2B25Dw7h3ZRNhZb3BnXYoQ0T8%2FYGMrM3TOHOpDiGgNf0qSpimVL4ii%2F1p3aMDVG7d5yu6yx4e4tRODVvwN89OKCYOzVeFC3nPzi5g0apHLmoMa2qMfiREg14URLbtxRadZnEXqXYCGGa3HmL0MlMIP41NZ1yAu0EC6Gg%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR-72xNCjYw
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