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  1. I'm still waiting for Atomos to enable ArriRaw on their recorders like they said they would. Prores Pro would be nice. Although i think that taking the ArriRAW output and encoding it to Prores Pro on the fly would not be possible. Who knows though! Luckily, storage space is getting cheaper so shooting RAW isn't as much of a problem.
  2. Haha I picked this up immediately. Been a workhorse for me.
  3. If you have the support, go for the Alexa. It's so easy to get a nice image out of it. I sold my Scarlet-W for the Classic and while it is heavy and battery hungry, I was adding easyrig, sticks, extra batteries on rentals for RED anyways so no change. Personally, I don't have interest in the new full frame sensor cameras. I love the look of Super-35. If you need 4k you can record 2.8k RAW to Odyssey and upres to UHD. No one will be able to tell a difference.
  4. Hey guys! Selling my Scarlet-W package ($15,000obo). Willing to trade for Alexa XT plus cash on my end. Can drop off in NYC, Pittsburgh, LA, Miami, UK, or Milan. Will ship if needed. - Red Scarlet-W brain 400hr give or take. - Standard OLPF - Skintone highlight OLPF - Lowlight OLPF - DSMC2 Canon-EF AL Mount - DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander - 2x Mini Mag Readers USB 3.0 - Red Touch 4.7 Inch - Red DSMC2 pelican Case - 240gb Card - 120gb Card - RED Top Handle - RED AC adapter to power Lemo cable - Wooden Camera Pogo to Pogo LCD extension cable 24” - Smallrig top plate - Smallrig bottom plate - Smallrig side plate - Smallrig LCD Relocation Arm (Rosette) - Smallrig top handle - Smallrig 12” Rails - Alvin Cable Timecode jam cable - Wooden camera lcd shade
  5. Hey guys! Looking to buy a standard 16mm or Super 16 kit. With or without lens. Budget of around $5k Shoot me a PM if you have anything available.
  6. Slightly off topic... Doing similar research as the OP. Can anyone post a downloadable scan sample without best light applied? Would love to color grade a LOG 2k scan for practice. Even a single frame would do. I color grade RedWideGamut/Log3g10 almost daily so i want to see how a film LOG scan pushes/pulls.
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