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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a Moviecam SL or Moviecam Compact MK2. Please message me if you wanna sell one of those cameras or something similar. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I need some advice for my Bolex EL. I used it for a couple of months, it was working fine but then the battery died. After charging there was still no power to run the bolex. So I got the battery recelled, because I thought it will fix the battery but today I got the battery back and its still not running. The lightmeter works, it lights up, but the camera doesn't run. I checked the fuze and changed it but it looked alright. I have a shooting on the weekend and thought I could use it again with the new battery. Hopefully someone got an idea that I can fix this problem by myself. Could the charger be dead? Best!
  3. Hello, I want to use ND Filters for my Bolex with my Vario-Switar 12.5-100mm Lens. Does someone know the filter thread size of this lens? I can't find anything on the internet 😞 Thank you!
  4. Hey! I just bought a Bolex 16 EL without battery and cable. Is there any place to buy a battery that works with the Bolex. I heard that you can just use any 12V Battery, you just need the right cable adapter. Hope you guys know a smart solution for this problem! Best Moritz
  5. Hey everybody. Does anyone of you have experience with using diffusion filters (like hollywood blackmagic or promist) while shooting 16mm. Would love to see some examples or projects where you used some filters. Thank you!
  6. Hey, I'm looking for an Aaton 16mm camera. If you have one for sale please send me an email: hello(at)moritzmatlik.com Thank you!
  7. It was a Leica R 50mm Summilux. On Red Scarlet-W the widest is 40mm.
  8. Hello, I'm selling my Kowa Bell&Howell Anamorphic Adapter with a Rectilux HCDNA Single Focus Unit. The Adapter is also built into a Rapido Front Metal Jacket and includes 3 clamps for using it with your taking lenses. The set is delivered inside a B&W Type 3000 case. Everything is in super good condition. The glass is super clean and the adapter itself aswell, looks like new. The set also includes a lens support adapter. Here are some projects that are filmed with this setup: https://vimeo.com/309326858 https://vimeo.com/215368266 https://vimeo.com/319057743 If you have any questions, feel free to ask me 🙂 https://www.ebay.de/itm/233209572847
  9. Hey, is it possible to do low fps shots with the alexa mini? I want to have a lot of motion blur like with a low shutter. What settings should I use? Thank you!
  10. Hey! I'm looking for an Aaton XTR Set. My location is Berlin, Germany. Email: hello@moritzmatlik.de Thank you!
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