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  1. I think that PTA said that he waved his DP credit because it was very much a joint effort with him, his gaffers and camera operators; this made the film ineligible to be nominated for cinematography at the oscars
  2. Thanks for the very helpful answers, it now makes sense in my mind.
  3. Thanks for replying, that cleared most of it up. Why would he shoot in 4-perf super-35 instead of the 3-perf variant, if it means he will only be wasting more film? Also, how do they sync the sound up later (I assume they record the sound with a separate. probably digital recorder)? Also, is "Techniscope" the same, or is that only 2 perforations high? On wikipedia it shows that this retains the space for the sound track, Is this true, and do they still shoot films like this?
  4. Wasn't sure whether to post this here or at the 35mm page. I've been doing a lot of research about the cinematography of Kill Bill and Death Proof, however some info has confused me. First, I know that tarantino always shoots on film, and he likes to shoot with anamorphic lenses too I think (I think PF, IB, DU were all shot on film with anamorphic lenses, like what used to be called "Cinemascope", correct me if I'm wrong). I've read in a number of places (including from what I think is Robert Richardson's diary) that Kill Bill was shot on super 35. This sounds right because the films don't really have that "anamorphic" look, (softer frame edges, horizontal flares and warped bokeh and other shapes). It also looks very grainy, I think that it was pushed to bring the colours and the grain out. However, everywhere says that it was shot on 3-perf super 35. The film has an aspect ratio of 2.39:1, which I thought was obtained by shooting 2-perf super 35. I was under the impression that 3-perf super 35 would give a narrower, 1.85:1 image. I think it's the same story with Death Proof Did they crop it, or combine 3-perf with anamorphic lenses? Are these sources incorrect, or is some of my info incorrect? Would someone please explain, if I have something wrong please correct me I won't take offense.
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