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  1. Still looking. Has Zeiss made fewer 18mm than the other super speed focal lengths or is there a rental house Grinch hoarding them
  2. Hey Matthew, there’s one on eBay https://ebay.us/n8pGUO
  3. Looking to buy an 18mm Zeiss Distagon super speed (b-speed) super 35 format with a triangle aperture in PL or original Arri bayonet Attagirlfilm@gmail.com
  4. Interested in Zeiss T1.4 Super Speeds Set (b-speeds) Super 35 (not s16) please. I've seen some funny prices so please quote reasonable. Prefer to check out/pickup within 300 miles of Los Angeles but shipping may be ok. attagirlfilm@gmail.com
  5. Looking for Isco wide-screen 2000 anamorphic to purchase. PM or email if you have one n@financenewton.com
  6. Yes I’m using Angenieux 35-70mm photography lens with a mount adapter on dslr Panasonic Eva1
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