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  1. Sorry for the old topic post but UPDATE: I built a new system! 6 core 12 thread AMD processor and a dedicated graphics card, 16gb of DDR4 RAM and an internal SSD! The jump has been major, no lag whatsoever as of right now, I also use ableton and it works like butter. NOW I can seriously consider Lightworks, Vegas, or adobe
  2. How about Canon cameras? I hear DNXHD is good for editing, obviously I need a new computer but is that the same for all cameras or just Sony and Fujifilm? I also hear prores isnt very great for windows.
  3. I've been recording Raw 18m 5184 ×3456 I can also record Mraw 10m 3888× 2592 and Sraw 4.5m 2592 ×1728. When I open the files they're .MOV files, no conversion, straight from the SD to the computer. Would using the other more compressed formats help or would I face a serious drop in image quality? Also have Chinese cinemascope profile in place of C-Log
  4. Yeah, 12 GB of RAM here 😂 I'll start looking for more power, probably gonna buy a different GPU and some crucial SSDs to put in a desktop with a decent processor and a meh GPU. I can also cannibalize my HDD from my laptop to bulk up the storage.
  5. Okay, thanks everyone for the answers. I was going to buy a Fujifilm x-t20 or a Sony a6000 for my new cam but now I see that Money would be better spent on a desktop that I can build up.
  6. So I'm on my own, what would the proxy workflow be like if I'm the one handling the proxies AND the originals? Basically after I apply the color correction and edit to my liking, do I convert the proxies into the full files or does it apply the editing I did to the original files? (In this case, 1080p canon 60D RAW files) I have 1tb of storage and another 2 in the form of external hard drives so storage space isnt a problem.
  7. Thanks for all the answers, will look into Lightworks and the other suggested software. Also been reading a lot about people using proxies to edit. I just recently started paying attention to compression sizes and file conversions. To specify, I don't need support for 4k or any other super high resolution files because 2k or a very good 1080p is more pleasing to my eyes. 4k and RAW would be nice to have but I probably wouldn't use them. Would DEFINITELY brag though. Does using proxies require more storage capacity? And would an upgrade from a 1tb HDD to a high write 1tb SSD improve speeds? To my understanding you can't change the graphics card In a laptop computer, which stinks.
  8. Basically, I have adobe premiere pro and a terrible computer. Well, not necessarily terrible but the video card is not up to par, and at the moment I can't upgrade for another couple of months. I know about Adobe elements, which I've heard is a scaled down version of PP. I've also read about some free ones like filmora. Now, I have no problem paying for software, hence the monthly subscription, I just need something to edit traditional cinema (narrative shorts and drama). I might scale down to premiere elements if itll be better on my video card but if there's an even less system intense program, please let me know. The thing right now is I cant edit anything without the timeline being choppy and stuttery as soon as I apply a single LUT or adjust the blacks.
  9. Okay, thanks a lot, ill look into getting those bulbs now. And I have color gels as well that I can use
  10. I have two lights with bulbs that need replacing, but these are halogen lights that kind of intimidate me still. One of the lights is a PBL MXLIGHT with two long skinny halogen bulbs, The other is a Britek. I took the bulb out of the Britek and it says "500 watt 120 volt" on the side, but no brand name. So two questions: Will any halogen with the correct watts and voltage work with a halogen light And: If i use a lower voltage and wattage, will it work but not be as bright? I don't want anything to explode in my face here. I found the website 1000 bulbs but I don't want to buy without confidence. Most videos i'm finding online are for LED's which I neither own nor am a fan of.
  11. I'm a bit skeptical about ebay but Adorama camera seems to buy items and this camera is basically new andin good condition. I might just see what I can do with a slider and a tripod until I can upgrade. the Ursa looks great but I would need to wait a while, probably until next year. What about a C100? Or an MFT mount BMCC?
  12. I have a problem: I love handheld footage, not shaky cam, but just a shot that would normally be on a dolly or a tripod being held, the slight movement with shadowy hard lighting is my favorite style. That isn't my problem, my problem is the camera I have: a Black Magic Design Cinema Camera. Now, the picture is fantastic, the RAW and ProRes are fantastic, and having to rig the hell out of it for full effect is perfectly fine with me. And I can deal with the crop factor by working with focal lengths from 18-35. My problem that I can't deal with is the rolling shutter. When I do a whip pan or run with the camera, It becomes very apparent. I don't want to just fix it in adobe every time, and as to my knowledge there are no speedboosters that can put a different mount onto an EF mount due to sensor size issues, so my question is, what can I get or due to fix the rolling shutter? Faster lens? Wider focal length? Heavier rig? A speedbooster I'm not aware of? And if not, what should I get to replace it, specifically with handheld in mind? Sorry if I made any eyes roll, I'm a rookie here.
  13. Nice, I didn't think of that, thanks!
  14. Hi all, sorry if this has already been answered in other threads, this is my first post here. Due to financial constraints, i won't be able to buy more dedicated cinema lights until next month. I have 4 clamp lamps with daylight LED lightbulbs. If I get more of these, will I be able to light scenes decently? How can I create different atmospheres with these? And are there larger, brighter bulbs I can get for them? I understand fully that lighting is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking, but for the time being, I don't want to sit on my ass and do nothing when I can be refining my skills.
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